There’s no denying the fact that the Warner Brothers Studio Tour packs a real punch in terms of the ultimate family day out, especially if you have some little Hogwarts fanatics in your home, but things are set to turn up a notch with all the exciting upcoming features.

In the next few months, the tour is going to be showcasing a number of really exciting and different features, catering to all ages and levels of Harry Potter fandom and I do mean all levels, as there is even an adults-only event! The following features are absolutely not to be missed and there’s a host of further information available, if you are seriously tempted by any of them.

The Dark Arts Feature.

Hogwarts gets spooky late in the year with floating pumpkins, darker lighting and a more foreboding atmosphere. Original Death Eater costumes can be seen up close and with wand choreography on offer as well, should any of them take up arms, you’ll be ready to tackle them with a defensive charm. Oh, sorry fellow parents, but there are buckets of goo to play with as well, so Wet Wipes at the ready! There is no extra cost to enjoy all the spooktacular experiences.

The feature runs from September 28th to November 10th 2018.

Behind the Seams.

A fascinating look at the process of costume design, creation and use in all of the Harry Potter films, Behind the Seams is best for slightly older children, due to the lengthy talk in a workshop setting. Being able to see favourite characters’ costumes in person is such a rare opportunity and is guaranteed to excite!

The talks are held every weekend from July 24th to December 30th 2018, plus selected dates during school holidays. Tickets cost £65 for adults and £55 for children, but this obviously includes entry to the general tour as well.

Celebration of Costume.

An evening event, this is one for any of you that have been called up to make some rather special Harry Potter costumes! Dressed as your favourite character from the film, there will be numerous amazing photo opportunities, including a digital download in the Great Hall, which is included in the cost. This really is a chance to get super creative with the costume making, so whether you have a Bellatrix, Tonks or even Voldemort in your household, it’s time to think outside the wardrobe!

This is a two-day event, spanning October 6h and 7th 2018 and costs £41 for adults and £33 for children.

Hogwarts in the Snow.

Popular every year, Hogwarts in the Snow is returning in 2018 to add a little extra magic to the Christmas season! The Great hall gets decked with boughs of holly and so much more, while other sets are also given a festive twist as well. Look closely and you might see the jumpers that Harry and Ron get at Christmas!

To add an extra level of fun, an interactive snow exhibit will be in place as well, which lets little hands get to grips with all the different types of fake snow, one of which will have been used to dust the impressive Hogwarts model. There is no extra cost to enjoy this exhibit, so that’s a nice bonus.

The feature runs from November 17th 2018 through to January 27th 2019.

Hogwarts After Dark.

Something wicked this way comes, as the Frog Choir would say! An adults-only event, this really is for Harry Potter obsessives with deep pockets, as the features costs £240 per person, but you do get a lot for the money, honestly!

How does dinner in the Great Hall, desert in the Forbidden Forest and icing with Death Eaters sound? Scary and exciting in equal measure I’d say! Wand choreography, Butterbeer and a more private and eerie studio tour are all included in this Halloween spectacular.

The event runs on October 26th, 27th and 28th and places are limited, so book in advance!

This is just a rundown of what is coming up for the rest of 2018, so you can imagine how many other fantastic special events will be happening in 2019!


This is a collaborative post.