Possessing flexibility, finesse and a growing baby bump, Wahderful was born to do yoga!

Saranlux ‘Wah’ Wunjina has been practising yoga since 2013, but it was a little thing called ‘pregnancy’ and her instagram prenatal yoga that really bumped up the popularity of her inspiring Insta account.

Filled with amazing videos and photos of Wah’s mummy-to-be (and now new mama!) instagram prenatal yoga moves, this yoga teacher and ‘handstand addict’ showed that anything she could do, her bump could do too. And that included headstands, forearm stands, the splits and squats so deep we were feeling the burn from here.

And just in case you’re 38 weeks pregnant and feel like doing a handstand, make sure you speak to your doctor before busting out any of Wah’s prenatal yoga moves. We recommend stretching out in bed and watching one of her videos instead. Let’s call it the ‘Downward Sprog’ pose!

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