We made our first ever visit to Legoland Windsor with our two little ones and I just had to share with you what it’s like. 

I have been wanting to take the girls to a theme park for absolutely ages. Now that Isabella is close to age two and Jessica is not far off age four I thought it was a good time. Both are walking and although Isabella still needs a nap, she can last a lot longer without one now.

We were invited to a press event with Warner Bros. at the park which included free entry, so this was the perfect opportunity to give the girls a new experience. 

I didn’t realise how vast and fabulous the park would be, it really is impressive!

From the Lego sculptures that are dotted all around the park to the rides full of Lego surprises, this park is all about celebrating Lego and entertaining children.

Here are a few things you may like to know if you are thinking about taking a toddler to Legoland. 

What is there for kids under 4?

There’s plenty for little ones to enjoy, as well as a lot of more mature rides for kids of six and upwards. 

My three-year-old’s favourite thing to do was the driving school. The kids get a little talk at the start telling them to make sure they do up their seatbelt and how to use the pedal to drive, then the parents help them into the cars and off they go.

I was nervous about Jessica going on this as she was all on her own and sometimes she gets a bit wary of new situations where we aren’t with her. However she absolutely loved it and was driving around the track like a total pro. 

After the ride each child gets a little driving licence (there’s an option to buy a photo too) which is quite sweet.


There’s also a lovely fairytale ride, which involves riding in a boat past Lego sculptures of fairytale characters. Both girls loved this one and were especially excited by Aladdin’s cave.

Jessica loved the helicopter ride, which allows you to control going up and down and spinning around. 

The submarine ride is suitable for all ages and I think this was one of my favourite ones. You ride in a closed submarine through a aquarium filled with Lego sculptures, fish, sharks and stingray. A big glass window near your feet enables you to get a really great view of the fish swimming by. Plus there is a bit of interaction with the kids being encouraged to push buttons on the submarine.

On the way out of the ride, there are fish tanks featuring tunnels underneath leading to glass domes in the middle where your kids can pop their head up. Isabella thought this was hilarious. 

The Miniland sculptures were so impressive, I think the kids would have walked around there for ages. It helps that there is a lot of movement in the scenes, such as a London Underground train, buses, cars and dancing figures. I was just as impressed as the girls were, there is so much detail on the Lego sculptures! 

We also caught an afternoon show of Rapunzel at the Duplo Theatre. This combined puppets and a live actor, it was so brilliant and engaging for the kids with lots of interaction. Both girls giggled through the entire thing. 

What do you need to bring?

It is a big park with a few slopes, so if you think your child may tire out then bring a buggy. The park is extremely buggy friendly, with buggy parks to leave them by each ride. You can hire buggies if you don’t want to cram one into your car. 

Bring along snacks. Although there are loads to buy, we found it difficult to find things that weren’t ice cream or chocolate so had some raisins and fruit in our bag. 

There are loads of places for lunch – from pizza to pasta and sandwiches to fish and chips. However you can bring a packed lunch and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy it. 

Bring changes of clothes in case you get wet, although to be honest even on the water rides the kids stayed pretty dry. 

There are plenty of places to get drinks, including small snack stalls spaced out all over the park, but it’s not cheap so bring bottles of water with you. 

What facilities are there?

There are toilets with baby changing facilities dotted round all over the park, you’re never too far away from one. 

There are dozens of restaurants, cafes and snack shacks as well as water fountains, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty. 

There are benches and picnic spots in various places. I would recommend making sure you have a map, either on your phone or from the entrance when you arrive. There are maps all over the park, but I found myself a bit lost at times and nowhere near any map boards.

How much is it?

It’s not a cheap day out, but it is so worth the money because you will easily fill your day with lots of different things to do.

The cheapest ticket is £32 but only available on certain days of the week (green days as Legoland calls them) and bought in advance on the website. 

You can spend hundreds on tickets if you fancy the VIP experience, which gets you straight to the front of the queue on the rides. 

I would recommend, if you can afford it, going for a Q-Bot or VIP ticket that gets you ahead of the queues. With little ones being impatient, it takes the stress out of getting on the rides they want to try out. However we prepared to feel thoroughly embarrassed when you skip to the front of the queue in front of people who have been waiting for an hour!

Visit the Legoland website for more information. 

We were gifted tickets to Legoland. All opinions are my own.