Are you searching for a unique gift for a new mama that will both delight her and be really useful for her life with a newborn baby? 

Of course any gift is going to be welcome, but you can pretty much guarantee a new mum will get plenty of flowers and cute tiny baby clothes. 

When I had my babies the gifts that I received again and again were newborn baby clothes, blankets, and flowers. They were all lovely, but I think it’s really nice to get a new mum something unique. 

There are plenty of gift ideas out there that can make a new mama smile, laugh, relax and feel really surprised. So I thought I would share a big list of presents you can buy a new parent. Most of these are really practical but some are just for entertainment value to help her escape from this busy new role of being a parent. 

Many of these gifts could be combined into a gift box to make something really special. It all depends on your budget! You can spend as little as £5 or blow the budget, it’s really up to you but remember it’s the thought that counts and all of these gift ideas are really going to be appreciated by a new mum. 

I hope you find some inspiration from this list, and please do let me know in the comments about your favourite gifts you received after having a baby. 

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You could also take inspiration from my list of the best baby products.

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Cook vouchers

I did a little poll on Instagram about favourite new mum gifts and Cook vouchers came really high up!

I’m not sure if the US has Cook, so for my American readers, Cook is a online and high street brand that sells delicious ready meals. They have lots to choose from and all are really tasty.

This is such a lovely gift idea because the last thing a new parent wants to worry about is cooking a dinner. This will make sure mum and dad are nourished and they’re eating something really tasty. 

Giant muslins

These were my absolute favourite baby product. I really don’t know what I would have done without them.

There are many different brands that make giant muslins. I had the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles, which can be used as swaddle blankets as well as muslins, but these are pricey so shop around to find what suits your budget. 

Giant muslins can be used as burp covers, swaddles, changing mat covers, blankets, tummy time mats or car seat covers. 

Pampering kit

Either buy a specific new mum pamper kit or make your own. I suggest including things such as lip balm, moisturiser, hand cream (hands get particularly dry I find with new babies as you’re washing them more frequently), bath and shower gel, face mask, hair treatment, dry shampoo, nail polish, nail files, or a headband. 

Whatever you put in the pampering kit will be really welcome, as she can pop the items into the bathroom and use them as and when. It will hopefully encourage her to have a nice bath when she gets the chance to relax. 

She’s bound to have dry hands too, especially if she’s washing up bottles frequently every day. Why not try this beautiful repair hand mask?

Insulated coffee flask

Several people have suggested this idea to me and I love it. Help the new mama keep her coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm with an insulated flask. 

It’s easy to forget to drink a hot drink when you’re running round after a baby, so mama can use it at home or when she’s out and about for a walk with the buggy. 

You could also buy a drink holder accessory to attach to her buggy so she can have it to hand whenever she needs it. 

The concept behind Don’t Buy Her Flowers is just what it says on the tin. When you’re feeling a bit poorly or struggling to care for a new baby, you don’t necessarily want flowers to care for as well. 

You can choose from either readymade boxes of goodies such as cakes, sweets, smellies and socks or make your own gift box. 

Baby clothes for six months and upwards

A new mum will have picked out her own favourite clothes for her baby and receive lots of others as a gift.

What she won’t receive much of is new clothes for six months and upwards.

Pick out some practical sleep suits, socks and hats or gloves depending on what the weather will be like when the baby is six months.

If you are not sure what the new mama might like, then get a voucher for a baby clothes shop such as Mothercare, JoJo Maman Bebe or John Lewis.

Baby sleeping bag

This was another of my absolute favourite baby products. The sleeping bag is great for wriggly babies who can’t stay still at night.

Think about the season and what the temperature will be like when the baby is a few months old when picking out the tog of the sleeping bag so that it’s not too thick or thin for the temperature.

The Gro Company does some gorgeous baby sleep suits that go with their Gro Bags. I really love the materials and patterns on their products and they wash so well.

This little book looks so fantastic, I wish I had it when I had my two girls. There are spaces to fill out observations and thoughts about life with a newborn as well as information that will be useful to the new mama.

It’s all packaged up with a beautiful bright pink cover. It will be a real hit with any new mum.

A cleaner

Find a local cleaning service and ask the new mama if she would like a helping hand around the house. You could of course offer to do this yourself, or you could pay for a professional for pop in once or twice to help out. 

I love this idea, as I remember feeling so fed up of my dusty house after a few weeks. 

Personalised jewellery

There are so many gorgeous ways to mark the occasion for a new baby with jewellery. Lots of different companies make different styles of necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings, so it’s really just up to you and the person you’re buying for as to what their style might be.

My favourites are Merci Maman and Rachel Jackson London.

Beautiful gift ideas for new mums

Entertainment subscription 

A subscription to a service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime is such a lovely gift. It gives a new mama entertainment for all of those night feeds and something to watch during the long days when she’ll be stuck on the sofa cluster feeding.

With so many boxsets to binge and movies to watch, she’ll be able to relax while she’s recuperating from the birth.

Clothes vouchers 

Pick out vouchers for a brand that sells both mama and baby clothes, in case she wants to top up on nursing wear.

New PJs

There’s something so nice about having a new pair of PJs, especially when you’re going to be spending a lot more time wearing them.

Find some pretty nursing pyjamas, or look for something in her favourite shop.

Baby book

Help her to record all of the baby’s milestones with a baby book containing space for her to write down all of the new things he or she gets up to.

There are so many out there it can be difficult to choose, but these ones are really gorgeous.

Pretty biscuits

Decorative biscuits are a really lovely way to make new parents smile. Get them a box themed for a new baby, or made to look like flowers. These are a fab gift as you can get them delivered direct from the company, just in case your friend isn’t up to having visitors just yet.

Unique gift ideas for new mamas

Something to make her laugh

It might not to useful in the practical sense, but lifting a new mum’s spirits is just as important in my opinion.

Pick out a book that will make her laugh. It doesn’t have to be full of words (she’s probably too tired for War and Peace), try something like Hurrah for Gin which is full of hilarious illustrations about motherhood and life with a baby.


Unique gifts for new mamas
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