It’s tough to know what a new mum really needs unless you’ve had a nose through the nursery she’s been steadily filling with stuff for the baby.

I found it even tougher before I became a mum. I didn’t have a clue what was useful to a new mum, I’m sure I ended up buying cute little newborn clothes that the baby wore once and then just took up space.

It’s easier if the expectant mum makes a list of the bits she’s missing, but of course that kind of takes the fun out of the baby shower gift opening.

Having attended quite a few baby showers, including my own, here’s a few ideas that make beautiful, and some of them practical, gifts that will delight a new mum.

Write-on baby vest

This is both a gift and something fun to do at the shower that everyone can get involved in.

Everyone gets to write their own short message on the baby vest and then mum can do what she wants with it.

The baby may only wear it once, but then it could be framed on the wall of the nursery as a reminder of the special occasion.

Write-on baby grow - baby shower gift ideas

A write-on baby vest

Sophie La Giraffe

Everyone I know has a Sophie for their baby. It’s a brilliant teething toy.

My baby just loves gumming away on the feet. It seems to really soothe her. It helps that Sophie makes a fun squeaking noise too.

Sophie La Giraffe gift set


This is a more extravagant gift. But if you’re planning to spend around £60, which is how much the Fitbit Flex 2 costs, I would really recommend these.

New mums end up doing a lot of walking and having a fitness tracker to record her steps and distances walked may be a bit of fun and motivation to get more fresh air.

Baby milestone blanket

I stumbled across those only recently. I think they are such an amazing idea. I would have loved to have one with my two, I would definitely get one if I have a third.

The blanket has dates and months that you highlight with cool props like a picture frame. There’s also a tape measure printed on one size to show how quickly baby is growing.

Its a gift parents can use every month to record their baby’s growth and it’s practical for tummy time or playing on the floor.

Baby milestone blanket

Funny baby book

There are loads of  parenting advice books out there. They offer differenct theories and suggestions and vary in how strict they are in terms of routine and structure.

It’s up to each individual parent what strategy they sign up to and they may already have an idea of how they’re going to approach those tough early months. So why not offer the mum-to-be an alternative with these hilarious books.

Sleep is for the Weak started out on Facebook where writer Emily-Jane Clark amassed a huge following from fellow sleep deprived parents.

She then transformed her hilarious blog into a book, aiming to help new parents though the fog of coping with little or no sleep by making them laugh and helping them see they’re not alone.

You may also already follow Hurrah for Gin on Facebook or Instagram. Her amazing stick figure illustrations charting life as a parent are so inspired.

I really wish I had these books in the early weeks with my first baby. It would have helped me to laugh off the really hard days and stop relying on all those parenting manuals that informed me my baby should be doing X, Y and Z.

Nursing pyjamas

Chances are a new mum is going to spend a lot of time in her PJs in the early weeks. Therefore, they should be nice PJs.

Getting some pretty maternity PJs that she can wear for the last weeks of her pregnancy that then works as nursing wear will be useful and she’ll appreciate them if they’re as pretty as these ones.

Maternity and nursing pyjamas from MamaMoosh Maternity


Your skin goes through a lot before and after labour.

The Mama Mio range of cosmetics makes skin feel hydrated and silky smooth. New mums can never have too much moisturiser to slather on after they happen to get a minute to jump in the shower.

Changing bag

I love this little changing bag from Storksak. The Mini Fix is due to be released later this month. It has a little pouch you can pop a pack of wipes in and then dispenses them out of the side of the bag.

It has just enough space for quick trips out. I would have loved this as a baby shower gift, such a great idea.

Storksak Mini Fix changing bagStorksak Mini Fix changing bag

Storksak Mini Fix

Feeding scarf

I’ve used a Seraphine nursing shawl with both my kids and it’s been so useful.

This one from MamaMoosh looks great too and has a neck strap you simply pop on when it’s time for feeding. It’s great for new mums who want a little something to cover up with when feeding to feel more comfortable.

MamaMoosh nursing scarf

Gift hamper

There are so many beautifully presented  any gift hampers online. I love the ones where baby clothes and socks have been rolled to look like bouquets of flowers

You could also make your own hamper full of just the absolute essentials. Fill it with wipes, cotton wool balls, nappies, vests, Lansinoh nipple cream, nursing pads, muslins and a bottle of prosecco for good measure.

Neutral baby gift hamper from Baby Blooms

Baby foot casting kit and frame

This is a lovely way for new parents to capture a lasting memory of how tiny their baby was when a newborn.

They grow so quickly that it’s nice to have one of these kits to hand when the baby is born so the foot cast can be taken in the early weeks.

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Do you have any other ideas for baby shower gifts? I’m always looking for more suggestions.




Unique baby shower gift ideas for pregnant/expectant mum's

Unique baby shower gift ideas for pregnant/expectant mum's