Me and Isabella after our swim – she had a great time!

We all know the idyllic image of a newborn baby with flawless skin and pinchable little chubby cheeks.

But when your baby is born, you quickly realise that baby skin is so much more complicated than that!

And if your little one is unlucky enough to suffer from eczema, caring for that delicate skin can be stressful, frustrating and downright heartbreaking as you see your tot scratch until their skin is raw.

My first child has very rarely suffered from rashes, mainly the odd outbreak of nappy rash, particularly if she had an upset tummy.

However my second baby had terrible eczema from the day she was born. My daughter was two weeks late, so I wonder if being in the womb longer had a part to play in drying out her skin initially.

Whatever the cause, she had angry, red, and very dry patches at various points of her body. The tops of her ankles, the creases of her elbows and tops of her legs were particularly bad.

However she also had terrible cradle cap on her head, and eczema would flare up on her cheeks frequently.

I have written before about my battle to treat both her eczema and cradle cap, and if you’re having similar issues I do recommend you check those posts out as they detail a lot of the trial and error I went through trying to solve the problems.

I’m happy to report her skin is now way healthier, and super soft now that I have a good bathing and moisturising routine, but I’m still always on the hunt for better products to keep her skin soothed, moisturised, hydrated and clear of those horrible red patches.

That’s why I was really intrigued to be invited to learn more about Baby Dove’s range of beautiful moisturising products for babies, and the science behind caring for baby skin. We were invited to enjoy a swimming class with Water Babies before trying out the products for ourselves.

It was the perfect opportunity to give the products a go, as swimming is one of those times when I worry most about her skin losing moisture.

Ready for a swim with the Baby Dove range

So me and my youngest packed up our swimming things and headed to London for a mummy/daughter adventure.

We were first treated to a talk and demonstration of the products, including the Baby Dove Baby Bar.

On the left is a Baby Dove Baby Bar and on the right is an ordinary bar of soap. The little ducks are made of a protein similar to that found on baby skin – see what happens in the next picture when they are put on the soap and sprayed with water

I was surprised to learn that baby skin loses water up to five times faster than adult skin. It is also thinner and more sensitive, making it more susceptible to irritation and damage.

While the duck on the fight has stayed bold and intact, the other one has faded away and been broken down

Using products to wash your baby’s skin also strips away lipids, which are an essential part of healthy skin. The Baby Dove range aims to nourish and replenish those lipids, so that baby skin stays protected even after being in potentially hostile and drying environments, such as a chlorine-filled swimming pool.

In order to see the products in action, and give my baby a bit of fun, we enjoyed a swimming class with Water Babies.

I haven’t taken Isabella swimming very much, as I can’t handle both girls safely in the pool at this age, so I was pleased to have an opportunity for some one-on-one time with her.

Picture courtesy of Lunette Operman Photography

After starting off a little bit clingy, she soon relaxed and enjoyed herself, splashing around in the water with a big smile on her face.

Picture courtesy of Lunette Operman Photography

It was brilliant to see her gaining confidence as the session went on, and I know I need to take her more regularly now as I want both girls to love being in the water – both for their own safety and to enjoy themselves too!

Picture courtesy of Lunette Operman Photography

After emerging from the pool very soggy, but happy, we had a rinse under the shower and tried out some of the Baby Dove head-to-toe body wash. This smelled gorgeous, not at all overpowering, and lathered up just the right amount. It was easy to rub in, but unlike other wash products I could feel it left her skin so beautifully moisturised rather than drying it out,  and I think Isabella enjoyed the rinse under the shower.

While her skin was still a little damp, I then use the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion. There is also a sensitive skin version, which I am definitely going to try out on her as well.

The sensitive skin and rich moisture selection of Baby Dove products

Again the smell is subtle, not at all overly perfumed like some adult products can be, but a nice, relaxing scent. It also rubbed in super easily and her skin was so soft after using it.

It’s reassuring to know after spending 30 minutes soaking in chlorine, this lotion works to support the natural barrier and maintain moisture in the skin.

As Isabella has had quite bad eczema in the past I have often worried about exposing her skin to too much time in the pool. It’s reassuring to know that after enjoying her swimming lesson, her skin then didn’t have any terrible dry breakouts, it’s just as soft as it was before she took her dip!

The top tips I picked up on the day were:

Rinse your baby before swimming

I had never heard of this concept before but it’s such an interesting one. Wet skin is less absorbent than dry skin, so by rinsing your baby in non-chlorinated water before getting in the pool you reduce the amount of pool water they absorb.

Moisturise with the right product before a dip

Putting moisturiser on before swimming helps form a protective layer on baby’s skin and keeps it moisturised during their splash about.

Rinse after swimming using baby shampoo

Rinse in the shower after swimming and wash with a baby specific product to get rid of the chlorine.

Apply lotion after showering

This helps to lock in moisture.

Try not to stress

It can be so difficult dealing with baby eczema and dry skin, but try to remember every baby is different and figuring out what works best for your baby can be a matter of trial and error.

Learn more about the Baby Dove range here.