Adding another little bundle of joy to your brood is a very exciting prospect for the whole family.

But pretty soon your eldest child won’t be the centre of attention all of the time anymore, and your time will become even more stretched than it is already.

That’s why taking a trip with your toddler can be such a brilliant idea. We thought it would be great to make some final memories as a family of three before another one joined our gang.

But when you’re heavily pregnant, and you’ve got a toddler in tow, it can make the logistics a bit trickier.

When I was pregnant last year with our second, we received a wedding invitation from a good friend to attend her big day in the south of France. This was a very exciting chance to enjoy the beautiful French countryside.

We decided to drive there, all the way to the Bordeaux region, with a toddler. Then after attending the wedding we went on a drive back up to the north coast.

If only I knew then what I know now. For example, a pregnant woman should not spend more than two hours stuck in a car, under any circumstances.

The only way to keep a toddler happy during a road trip is to keep feeding them. Cue guilt about feeding her too many snacks.

These issues aside we did have a lovely time at the wedding and I would tell anyone to enjoy a trip abroad with a toddler even if they are expecting another baby, however I would advise the following to make it all run a bit smoother:

If you can, get two connecting rooms

We shared a hotel room with our toddler for an entire week and this made things a little bit tricky. It meant she was too distracted by our presence in the same room to go to sleep. As a result we had to turn our lights off by 8.30pm and sit there in a dark hotel room.

At least with connecting rooms we could have stayed up chatting, played a game or read a book.

Don’t do a road trip

If you’re heavily pregnant, I would say a long car journey is not what you need right now.

Flying means you can get up and stretch your legs whenever you want, and more importantly there’s a loo right there at all times. The same goes for a train.

Create travel bags or boxes for your toddler

These are small containers with various games, books or puzzles to keep your child entertained. It’s a good idea to put new things in here to really distract them. Small drawing pads with pens or pencils are a great one to add to these.

Load the iPad up with kids’ TV

Netflix and Amazon Prime offer loads of downloadable content. This can distract your toddler during the journey and keep them entertained if they get a little fussy on your trip.

Take it easy

Don’t plan a packed agenda. Just getting away from it all and enjoying somewhere different is brilliant. Being pregnant will mean you’re likely to get tired out pretty quickly so make sure you programme in lots of resting time by the pool or at beautiful spots where you’re visiting.

Don’t be afraid to go last-minute

When you’re heavily pregnant you have absolutely zero control over your body and how you’re going to feel from week to week.

This makes planning ahead a bit tricky. There are no certainties when it comes to how you will be feeling in three months’ time.

Yes, booking a holiday in advance gives you something to look forward to, but don’t be afraid to go last-minute bargain hunting. Not only might it be cheaper, but at least you’ll know you’re physically up to the journey and not going to be stuck in a hotel room bathroom with your head in the loo for the entire trip.

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So yes travelling while pregnant with your second can seem daunting, but the memories you make will absolutely me worth the journey.

Do you have any tips for travelling abroad while pregnant with a toddler in tow? I would love to hear your thoughts.