As mums it’s easy to get your head stuck in the daily parenting routine and find yourself unable to see the wood for the trees.

As a mum you tend to give and give and give for not much return. Your baby certainly doesn’t thank you for staying up with her all night just because she didn’t want to sleep or be left alone.

Your toddler doesn’t apologise for refusing to eat her dinner and then throwing a mega tantrum because she has the “wrong socks” on.

But when you take a step back from the humdrum treadmill of motherhood and look at the bigger picture, there are actually loads of perks to being mum.

Here’s a helpful reminder of some of them:

1. Kids are your get out of jail free card

Picture this. You’re visiting a friend who lives in a house so clean it hasn’t seen a microbe of dust in well over a decade.

The second you take a bite from the beautiful spread of nibbles on offer you realise you’ve dropped a big dollop of dip on the pristine cream carpet. Luckily your toddler is with you and when she does notice the mess, you apologise profusely that the little one hasn’t yet got the hang of eating with much coordination.

They forgive the child, because it’s a child! It saves you the shame of having to admit you’re an adult with worse table manners than a two-year-old.

Spillages can be blamed on the kids

There are various situations where blaming the kids comes in similarly handy. For example when you need to leave a really lame party early, when you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday or when you’re running late, again.

2. The mess

Yes the untidy house can be a big downside, but look at it this way, you have a brilliant excuse for having an unkempt house.

Any tidying up that you do, any cleaning, any organising, just becomes pointless within minutes as the kids dump out another box of toys.

Embrace the chaos and stop cleaning as much. Why fight it?

3. You’re a rock star

Your kids think you are the absolute best person in the whole world. When you enter their room in the morning they’re thrilled to see you. When you collect them from school or nursery they greet you with the biggest smile.

Your children hang on your every word, for the first few years at least. Being funny is easy, cuddles are available on tap and they are always up for hanging out with you.

Being around people who think you’re are the most awesome person in the world feels great.

4. All the treats

You treat them to ice cream, burgers, McDonalds, trips to the beach, a day at the movies and, of course, sweets.

And because you’re obviously at their side as they experience all of these things, it means you also get to enjoy! Being a kid is brilliant fun and full of magical experiences. It’s like getting to do it all over again, but it’s so much more amazing when you’re seeing it through their eyes.

5. The cuteness

When you see a really cute puppy flopping all over the floor, letting rip a big yawn and attempting to chase after an equally cute fluffy kitten, your heart just feels all warm and gooey.

When your newborn baby makes those contented noises and little snores when they’re asleep, that warm and gooey feeling is magnified 100 fold.

There’s a lot of beautiful moments you get to enjoy as a mum and it makes the late nights, temper tantrums and constant battle to keep on top of everything worth it.

6. Being the big kid

It’s acceptable to let loose and be silly. More than that, it’s encouraged because it means you’re engaging with your children on their level.

Run, jump and swing really high. It’s all part of the fun side of parenting.

7. Hibernation

I love nothing better than staying in my pyjamas all day long. Having a baby is the ultimate excuse to just stay indoors. There’s zero pressure on you to get out of the house, except for maybe the odd run to pick up supplies.

Stick on a box set and get comfortable. This baby-rearing business is hard work, so resting up is totally acceptable.

8. Kids’ films

Children’s movies have just got better and better in recent years. There are plenty of jokes in the script that adults will get, the songs are so unbelievably catchy and there are some seriously emotional moments that will make you tear up.

Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Despicable Me and Frozen are among some of the best films made in the last 15 years.

Having kids means you now have perfect excuse to watch these films on loop again and again.

Your children will be as excited as you are to get to the cinema to see the latest Pixar release.

9. Disney World

It’s the happiest place on earth, don’t you know?!

Having kids means trips to places such as Disney World. The rides, the characters, the experience of a family holiday making amazing memories. Having kids means getting to Disney is your holiday goals.

Yes it’s expensive and we’re certainly a few years off having enough in the bank to treat our two, but I can’t wait to do this with them!

10. Letting your hair down is like an Olympic sport

Before kids, a night out was fun but a pretty regular occurrence.

After kids a night out is a major treat and seriously exciting. You drink a little too much, dance that bit crazier and just generally let loose.

In fact, any exclusive grown-up time is a serious cause for celebration. Even getting your hair done is a amazing event because there’s no one demanding a drink, snack or something else from the long list of demands.

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What do you think the best perks of being a mum are? Let me know in the comments!


The 10 perks of being a mother - because it's not all about long nights, cluster feeding and toddler tantrums

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