Hey dads! Want to treat a new mum to something really special following the birth of your baby?

Having a new baby is an exciting time for everyone and your family and friends may be showering your newborn with gifts.

New mum cradling her infant baby

But this is a special time for a new mum too, and so it can be really nice for a husband or partner to get a treat for mum to congratulate and celebrate her in this milestone moment in your lives. 

These gifts ideas to a new mum from her husband have something to appeal to everyone, whether she loves to pamper herself or likes to make a statement with her fashion choices.

You can get a gift organised ahead of the birth, or wait a week or two after to present her with the present.

It’s really up to you, but waiting a week or two can help if you want to give her something personalised with the baby’s name on it.

It can also be a good idea because some of the fuss may have died down after two weeks – while the reality of lack of sleep has kicked in – and a gift at this point may lift the new mum’s spirits. It can be a stressful time.

When picking a gift, rather than buying a gift that is used for the baby, try to choose something that is specifically for her.

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Gift ideas from husband to new mums

Framed photo of her with the new baby

Choose a beautiful frame and get a print done of mum with her baby. While there will be tons of photos taken in the early days with the baby, she may not get the chance to get any printed right now as her hands are full!

You can get personalised frames that include the baby’s date of birth and their name.

Or you could just choose something that suits her personal preference, such as floral frame or simple silver one.

Statement jewellery

There are some gorgeous pieces of jewellery you could choose for a new mum.

Some can be personalised, such as the range from Merci Maman which was made famous after Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a necklace from the brand after Prince George was born.

New mum gift idea MAMA necklace

I love this “mama” necklace by Rachel Jackson London. It comes in silver and gold. There’s also a “love” version which you may prefer. It’s a thoughtful gift for a new mum.

A mama T-shirt

Get a shirt that proudly declares she is a new mum.

The range of tees from Selfish Mother are a fun and comfortable way for her to celebrate being a new mum.

They come in tees as well as sweatshirts and in a range of colours so you can pick and choose something she will love.

Posh chocolate or sweets

If she prefers a bog standard bar of Dairy Milk chocolate then treat her to that.

But if she loves her fancy chocolate or sweets, then treat her to something she can indulge herself in.

There are some gorgeous gift boxes of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat or if you want to really treat her then look at the range from Fortnum and Mason.

Slippers and PJs

She will be spending a fair amount of extra time at home with the newborn baby.

Make it feel that little bit more comfy by getting her a new pair of slippers and/or some nice PJs.

If she is breastfeeding look for pyjamas that are breastfeeding-friendly. You don’t necessarily have to buy PJs that are made specifically for nursing. Just look for:

  • Buttons that open to allow easy access.
  • Vest tops that can be pulled down easily.
  • Top and short or trousers combination so they can lift the top up without uncovering their bottom half like with a nightie. 

New mum pampering kit

Having gone through the marathon of giving birth and now caring for a newborn, she definitely deserves to be pampered.

Encourage the new mama to relax and take care of herself with a pampering kit. You can buy kits that are ready-made with items she will enjoy such as bubble bath and moisturiser.

Sanctuary Spa makes a great kit for new mums that will not break the bank. You can push the boat out a little more with Mama Mio products, such as their rich and creamy moisturisers, or the Burt’s Bees body butter which is fab for new mums. 

Some things you could include in the pampering kit for the new mum include:

Eye mask

Getting in daytime naps are essential, but it can be tough nodding off when its sunny outside.

Help her drift off with a new eye mask. You can get some really fun ones that make a statement or a luxury one to really treat her.

Professional photography session

She doesn’t have to book it right away, especially in the early days she may not feel up to having her photo taken.

But getting her a voucher for a family photo session is a really nice way to ensure you get some lovely photos of your baby in their early weeks. Babies change in a blink of an eye so its a great gift to get some professional pictures taken.

Baby photography session - a new mum gift idea Baby photography session - a new mum gift idea

Most baby photographers will come to your home so you don’t have to leave the house at all.

Be sure to check the photographer’s previous work either on their website or social media profiles so you can pick a style that you like.

A new camera

As a long-term investment you may find this one much more affordable!

While a professional photography session is lovely and the results are hard to replicate, getting a decent camera that you can use to capture all of your baby’s milestones is a great gift.

There’s a guide to great compact cameras over on Digital Camera World. I have a Canon G7X Mark II.

I have a ton of tips for taking your own baby photography at home over on this post.

Flower delivery subscription

The new mum is likely to get lots of bunches of flowers in the weeks after the baby is born.

However once the initial flurry has slowed, she may appreciate some blooms every few weeks to brighten up the house. Especially as when you’re on maternity leave you will spend a lot more time at home and its nice to have flowers about to cheer you up.

Companies such as Bloom and Wild offer three to 12 month subscription offers where you can get a new bouquet posted to them every month. Their flowers are beautiful and the service is very reliable.

Insulated travel mug

She will struggle to drink a coffee or tea without it getting cold.

An insulated travel mug gives her a better chance of reaching the bottom of the cup while it’s still warm.

They’re also great for when mum is out and about with baby during the day.

If she doesn’t drink tea or coffee, get her a new water bottle.

Time to herself

Of all the things that new mums need, a bit of time alone is probably the most precious.

Have a think about what does she like to do as a treat? Is she someone who loves a spa day or spa treatments? Does she like visiting a particular place.

Try buying her something like a voucher to a place she really enjoys and saying you will care for the baby while she gets some time away. It doesn’t have to be the whole day (and in the first few months she won’t want to be away from the baby for a whole day) but even a one-hour beauty treatment can really help a new mum feel a bit more human.

There you have it! The best gift ideas for a new mum from her husband or partner.

If you’re a new or expectant mum, don’t forget to forward this article to your other half to give them an idea of how to spoil you!

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