Nausea can quickly ruin some of the best times of your life.

Finding out you’re a mum can feel better than anything in the world but morning sickness soon makes you forget how great you feel. Or maybe you’re excited about taking your tot on their first holiday when suddenly the long drive requires a detour to the carwash as your little one’s lunch comes back to say hello.

But you and your kids don’t have to let feeling queasy slow you down.

We’ve found a natural solution to nausea that’s suitable for the whole family. Sea-Band nausea and travel sickness relief bands ($16.94 pair or $49.95 for a family pack) provide a clinically tested, comfortable and reusable option to fight the effects of nausea.


Simply pop the soft knitted elastic bands around your or your kiddo’s wrists where they will apply pressure to an acupressure point to ease the feeling of nausea.

They provide quick and effective nausea relief that is drug-free, so you can enjoy feeling better without worrying about any side effects or feeling drowsy.

Super handy, they come in a reusable container small enough to tuck away wherever you might need them. Keep one in your handbag so you have one on the ready in those early days of pregnancy, or pop one in your car so you’re never without it if travel sickness strikes.

They’re also machine washable so you can use them again and again.product

Sea-Band is available from Pharmacy Online ($14.95).


“I started using Sea-Bands three days ago and they have been amazing for me. I’ve just been trying to cover them at work by wearing long sleeves.” – Jayne. M.