Ricky Zoom review

This is a collaborative post. 

Now that we’re well and truly out of the baby days I’m seeing my two girls learning to stand on their own two feet as they hit milestones like starting school.  

So it was nice to be introduced to a brand new TV show that encourages kids to be independent. 

Ricky Zoom is full of energy and enthusiasm, just like them, and he’s also learning to stand on his own two wheels!

Ricky Zoom reviewRicky Zoom review

The titular character is a little red bike whose parents, Hank and Helen Zoom, are rescue bikes. He’s desperate to be just like them!

With his gang of friends, who are all different types of bikes and call themselves the Bike Buddies, he tries to help people as much as he can while going through all of the normal challenges of growing up. 

The show is a lovely mixture of friendship, adventure and bravery. 

Introducing Ricky Zoom!

The girls were sent this bright backpack full of Ricky Zoom goodies to get them excited for checking out the Bike Buddies’ adventures. 

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Our Ricky Zoom goodie bag!

As soon as my eldest daughter was told the name of the show and she saw the picture of Ricky Zoom, she got very excited and said: “It’s Zoom, because he goes really fast!”

Ricky Zoom is perfect for her, as she has just started school this year. The show sees Ricky often going to school with his friends and deals with the wins and struggles any child may have. 

The Bike Buddies live in Wheelford, a town designed for two-wheeled folk! It has all of the normal features of any town, but every character is a bike, including the mechanic. 

Ricky’s pals include Loop, Scootio and DJ. The show celebrates the fact that we all have something unique to contribute. 

Enjoying an episode of Ricky Zoom!

Each episode uses action-packed scenes featuring stunts and brave feats by the little bikes, all alongside valuable moral lessons and support from the big bikes of the town. 

Ricky Zoom’s newest fan!

The bright colours and vibrant townscape are perfect for appealing to three to five-year-olds. 

 Both my girls loved the backflips, jumps and wheelies the Bike Buddies performed. 

For me, it was the friendships between the Bike Buddies that was the best thing. It showed the little bikes coming together to solve problems and learn new things. 

Creator Alexander Bar explains : “At its heart the show is about the everyday stories of Ricky and his best friends who love hanging out together, dreaming about being heroes and seeking out fun and excitement at every opportunity.”

Ricky Zoom
All of the Bike Buddies contribute when they need to rescue someone!

The theme tune is a lovely introduction to all of the main characters and what the show is all about. It talks about Ricky having fun and wanting to be a rescue bike, and all of his Buddies pop up to introduce themselves. 

What you need to know about the show

  • Aimed at boys and girls aged 3-5. 
  • Wheelford is inspired by the Amalfi coast of Italy!
  • The show has been created by Alexander Bar, the creator behind Mike the Knight, Lunar Jim and Ranger Bob. 
  • Ricky Zoom is on Nick Jr every Saturday and Sunday!

What did we think of Ricky Zoom

The kids absolutely loved watching Ricky Zoom! They especially enjoyed the funny moments when one of the Bike Buddies did something silly, or when the post bike kept mixing up the parcels. 

They were also really excited by the stunts and action sequences that show the little bikes being brave and doing big jumps. 

My youngest daughter loved Ricky’s little sister Toot Zoom, who is a cute but plucky purple bike. However both girls definitely liked Ricky the best. 

By the time they had finished watching two episodes they were singing “Ricky Zoom, Ricky Zoom, Ricky Zoom”, which is a welcome change to the other kids’ TV show theme tunes we usually listen to on a daily basis. 

Have you seen Ricky Zoom? What did you think?

Catch Ricky Zoom is on Nick Jr every Saturday and Sunday!