Whether you’re travelling by plane, train or car, there are a few items you can pack to keep your baby happy on the journey. 

Having a baby travel bag means you’ll have everything you need to distract and care for your little one within easy reach. 

If your usual changing bag is big enough, use that, but you may want something a little bigger depending on the length of the journey. An insulated bottle bag could be really handy too. 

If you’re taking liquids on a plane remember the staff will want to inspect everything you have so have it easily accessible to show them. 

Before we get to all of the items you need, don’t forget to check out my post on taking your baby on holiday, which has a full packing list for what you’ll need to take. 

packing a baby travel bag for holiday

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Anyway, on with the baby travel bag essentials! This post contains affiliate links.


For tiny babies choose black and white books as their eyes haven’t yet adjusted to distinguish between colours. 

Pick small board books that they can grab and pull about without you having to worry about them tearing. 

Softer buggy books are also great as they usually come with a clip to attach to your bag to make them easy to grab when you need a quick distraction tool. 


Try not to just go for the old favourites that they always play with, look for something new you can pop in that they have never seen before. 

This really helps with babies older than six months as they will be fascinated by checking out their brand new object. 

For really tiny babies, go for toys with texture such as Lamaze toys, wooden toys they can bang together (hopefully not too loudly). 

Try to avoid noisy toys if you are travelling by plane or train as eventually it will irritate the other passengers if they hear “I love you” in a Disney sing-song voice for the 1,000th time. 


If your baby has a favourite comforter remember to pack it, because it could be a lifesaver while you’re travelling. 

Check out this post with some gorgeous comforters if your baby hasn’t yet bonded with a particular toy. We love the muslin toys!


If your baby loves the sling then make sure you pack it in the travel bag you’ll take as hand luggage on the plane or train. 

You may find you end up walking up and down the aisles to soothe your little one and going hands free will be much easier on you. 

A cloth sling will pack up much smaller. If you’ve never used one before, practice before you go as they can be a bit tricky. 

If your baby is just a few weeks old then they may find comfort from being swaddled. 

To make your life easier, you can get swaddles that you simply zip your baby into to save you the faff of trying to fold a blanket around them properly. 


If your baby is used to taking a dummy remember to bring a spare as these can really help with the ascent and descent of the plane. 

Milk for feeds

When flying you are allowed to take as much formula, breast milk or sterilised water to sustain your baby for the journey. You can take breast milk in your hand luggage, but not frozen breast milk. 

You can get more information about hand luggage restrictions when travelling for a baby here.


These are the ultimate secret weapon in convincing your baby to be calm on a long journey. 

Of course you can only use them if your baby is over six months and weaning. But you will find that with babies who are on solid food, a snack will calm them down pretty much instantly. 

What you pack will depend on how you are weaning them and how they are getting on. Pack based on what your baby normally loves and avoid things that they gag on or have made them throw up. You don’t want to be dealing with that on a plane!

Choose dried fruit, snack pouches from baby food makers, homemade muffins (cheese and broccoli is one of my two’s favourite), popcorn, fruit, crackers or sandwiches. 

baby travel bag essentials