If you have children who are taking their first steps towards independence, you’ll be keen to hear about this clever product. OwnFone is a unique, affordable and simple mobile phone for kids that keeps you connected – without the risks and expense associated with smartphones.

The OwnFone is made specifically for children, allowing them to call important numbers, and that’s it! No texting, no apps and no dreaded data charges at the end of the month. Just peace-of-mind that your children can contact you (and be contacted) whenever they need to.

OwnFone mobile phone for kids

The device is incredibly easy to use, with each phone individually customised for you. Set numbers are assigned to the phone and the dial pad is personalised with either the names or images of the pre-programmed contacts. To call Mum or Dad (or any three contacts of your choice) all your child needs to do is press the on/off button and then press person’s name or photo.

Every OwnFone also features an emergency ‘000’ button.

OwnFone mobile phone for kids

The OwnFone is credit-card sized, extremely lightweight and can be worn around your child’s neck on a lanyard to keep it from getting lost. You can order online and customise your design, and the phone will be sent to you in around a week’s time, ready to go. If you need to change the pre-programmed numbers you can do so up to three times a year.

Handsets are priced from $69 and a number of pre-paid or post-paid call plans are available, starting at $19.95 per month, with lots of included calls.
The big wide world presents lots of challenges – plans change, buses are missed, trains get cancelled – so it’s really good to know an option like this exists when kids need to get in touch.
Available from ownfone.com.au