This is a collaborative post. 

To my babies’ daddy,

What a rollercoaster ride this past four years has been! When we celebrated that first positive pregnancy test I don’t think either of us knew what we were in for. 

Little did we know that four years down the line we are: 

A lot wiser. 

A lot more patient.

Much more tired. 

Way stronger than either of us realised. 

There have been so many highs it’s impossible to count. That moment we said hi to our first baby for the very first time, had cuddles and gazed at her little pink features, trying to figure out who she looked like.

The first time we managed to make our baby laugh, having tried every single silly thing we could think of. 

Then there was the time our six-week-old managed to projectile poo across two rooms. That really was something. We may have thought it was a low at the time, but looking back now we can laugh at this little moment that taught us to never leave a bare bottom uncovered.

But for all of the highs, there have been a few lows too.

The lack of sleep is something that you’re told about, but nothing truly prepared us for how very tired we would really be in those first few weeks.

It’s difficult to remember specific days looking back now. It’s all a blur of crying, bottles, breast pumps and Google. 

Every morning we would compare notes on the night before. 

How often were you up?

I was up for an hour.

I was up for two.

I stayed up all night trying to get her back to sleep.

The kind of bone tired fatigue that comes from lack of sleep through caring for a baby all night is unique. 

We needed each other, and we muddled through in our own way. We picked up the slack for each other when we needed to, 

Then there were the days when the crying would not stop. We thought the frequent waking up was bad enough. 

With both kids, once they had been given a few days to adjust to life on the outside, their favourite pastime seemed to be crying about everything. 

The evenings were particularly tough. We took it in turns then to take each of the babies. One would try to sleep for a few hours while the other paced, rocked and soothed the screaming little one.

Everything we read said it was normal. And yet knowing it was normal did nothing to help our shattering sanity.

We were used to peaceful evenings spent at home. Not worrying constantly and second-guessing whether the baby was hungry, tired, too hot or gassy. 

We had heard of colic but we were confused about what it really was. Did it mean the baby needed extra help? Was burping not enough? In the end we tried remedies such as Infacol, special holds to keep our babies comfy and stuck it out together as best we could. 

And finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel. As quickly as the crying had taken over our lives, it finally stopped. 

Now four years on we are still on that rollercoaster as we navigate our way through the uncharted waters of parenting our two daughters. 

Thank you for your support on the hard days. 

Thank you for being kind. 

Thank you for sharing the load. 

Thank you for staying sane on the days when I struggled. 

There will no doubt be more highs and lows in the future, but I think we will muddle through them just fine. 




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