Nursery organisation hacks

Looking for nursery organisation hacks to help you create a cute and practical baby bedroom?

Getting your baby’s room organised is a really fun way of nesting for your baby. It’s also going to help you out so much when the baby arrives, because if everything has a place you’ll be off to a headstart!

Having a well organised nursery means focusing on the three key areas in your baby’s room. These are: changing area, clothes storage and toy storage. 

If you have a small bedroom, you might be panicking about how you are going to manage ALL the things that seem to come with a baby. 

But don’t panic, because there are lots of ways to organise a small nursery that keep it clutter free and still looking beautiful. 

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Tips for organising a small nursery

When it comes to a small nursery, you can follow any of the hacks contained in this post, but you may also want to think of clever ways to use the small space.

This can include: 

  • Having a cot top changer, instead of a separate changing unit. You could install a shelf at head height next to the cot where you could store your nappies, wipes and cream. 
  • Getting a cot bed that includes a drawer or enough space for under bed storage. You can buy cheap drawers and bags that slide underneath beds for extra storage. Some bags can be vacuum sealed, so that you get twice as much stuff in the bag. 
  • A toy hammock. They look really cute, but they also provide a place for toys that doesn’t take up floor space. 
  • Extra shelves. If floor space is tight, then look above and get extra shelves on the walls. You can use boxes to keep items neat and tidy. 

Now let’s take a look at the nursery organisation hacks. Don’t miss the FREE download offer for printable and gender neutral wardrobe dividers and labels. 

Tips for organising your baby’s nursery

Wardrobe dividers 

Whether you have a wardrobe or a standalone clothes rail, dividing up your baby’s outfits with sweet dividers looks great and will help keep you organised. 

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Free gender neutral baby nursery organisation labels and wardrobe dividers Free gender neutral baby nursery organisation labels and wardrobe dividers


If you are using drawers or boxes to divide up your child’s clothes into categories, then labels will help you and your partner keep them tidy. They look cute too. 

These gender neutral ones are perfect for a boy or girl’s nursery. You can download them, and the wardrobe dividers, totally free! Just sign up to my mailing list here:

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KonMari fold

Everyone needs to know the KonMari method of folding! This method was created by Marie Kondo, the queen of decluttering and tidying up!

I have an entire post all about how to do the KonMari folding method, and it includes a video tutorial too!

The philosophy behind the KonMari folding method is to store clothes vertically, rather than on top of each other. This means you can see every single item.

It works even better when you organise the clothes by colour, so you can create a beautiful drawer or box of clothes that enables you to find exactly what you need straight away. 

Square shelving 

Shelving units such as the IKEA Kallax are a fantastic way to use space. You can use some of the squares for decorating ornaments, and others for books, clothes and toys contained in boxes that fit the space. 

This type of shelving comes in a variety of configurations, so you can convert it into a beautiful bench seat for the nursery. 

Check out this and more IKEA nursery hacks!


Low maintenance and perfect for keeping everything neat. 

You could label boxes to keep things really neat, and add a splash of colour to your nursery decor. 

Organise toys into categories so that they are easy to find and put away. 

Belly baskets  

Beautiful baskets adorned with pom poms or in bright colours can add a really beautiful touch to your nursery. They are also brilliant for storing soft toys and blankets. 

TOP TIP: Have a small basket in your child’s play area. Put miscellaneous toys on this when you need to do a quick tidy up and don’t have time to put all of the individual blocks/puzzle pieces/figures in the correct boxes. Then you can tidy it up another day when you have a spare 10 minutes. 


Jars aren’t just for storing things in the kitchen! Use jars to store cotton buds, Q-tips, face cloths and art supplies. 


Nursery organisation hacksNursery organisation hacks

If you have the space, then a chest of drawers is great as it also gives you a nice surface to keep ornaments or create a change station on. 

However you could also go for an upright simpler drawer unit, which you could even fit in your wardrobe if the room as one. 

Drawers with deeper space can be used to store toys, as well as larger items such as blankets and bedding. 

Drawer dividers

Nursery organisation hacks - drawer and clothing storage Nursery organisation hacks - drawer and clothing storage

If you are using drawers to store your child’s clothes, then drawer dividers are your friend!

They will help you to organise everything by category and keep them stored upright, as per the KonMari method. 

Just look at these beautiful drawers and tell me that doesn’t spark joy!

Wheeled cart

These carts are total storage goals! Use them in the kitchen, in the bathroom and your baby’s room!

They are such a cheap way to keep items organised in one place, plus with the wheels you can easily shift them around the room depending on what works best for you. 

The wheeled cart (you can get one just like this from IKEA) could be used as a nappy changing station zone, where you keep nappies on one shelf, wipes and cream on the other and spare changes of clothes on the third. 

It also makes a great book cart, or somewhere for art supplies when your baby is a little older. 

Add labels to the shelves to add a special extra touch. 


Struggling for space? Wondering how to store certain items in a way that keeps them neat? You need some wall and door hooks!

Get creative with how you use them. You can get some really cute hooks that add some decor to the room, plus can be used to keep tomorrow’s outfit or your baby’s dressing gown. 

You can also add hooks to places such as the back of the high chair, so that you can keep extra bibs handy. 

Get an over the door set of hooks for the wardrobe or bedroom door to hang up your baby’s jackets and pramsuits. 

Book caddy  

A book cart or caddy is the perfect way to add character to your nursery while keeping books neat. 

When baby is crawling, they will be able to pick out their favourite stories for you to read. 

Cot drawers or boxes 

Go under the bed and add some storage! You can buy cots with drawers built in or buy cheap boxes that are pushed under the bed. 

Add drawer dividers to make the space easier to keep organised. Baby clothes are tiny, so they need to be stored in sections to keep them neat. 

Door organisers 

Cheap and versatile! Use a door organiser for a whole range of baby items. You could use the individual pockets to keep baby rompers easy to grab. You could also use it for cloth nappy storage, or even toys. 

When your baby does get older, it’s good for shoe storage!


IKEA Fintorp nursery storage hackIKEA Fintorp nursery storage hack

If your space is tight then a wall rail is a fantastic and great value way to keep smaller items such as baby toiletries. 

There are so many different uses for the IKEA Fintorp rail, and it’s such a cheap solution to make the nursery look amazing.


A good caddy could hold your breastfeeding supplies or nappy changing staples. It’s perfect if you need to move it around the house depending on whether it’s day or night. 

I hope these storage tips were useful and you are well on your way to having a perfectly organised nursery for your baby!

If you want more nesting tips for getting your entire home ready for baby, check out my post on organising your home in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Free nursery organisation printable - wardrobe dividers and baby clothes drawer labelsFree nursery organisation printable - wardrobe dividers and baby clothes drawer labels
Nursery organisation hacks to save you a ton of space in your baby's roomNursery organisation hacks to save you a ton of space in your baby's room
Genius nursery organisation and storage hacks Genius nursery organisation and storage hacks