One of my fondest memories of growing up is how excited I got when my mum was baking.

I can remember being excited to lick the spoon once she was done with the mixing bowl.

My mum made all of my birthday cakes when I was growing up. She still does in fact. Every year.

Not only that but she also made my wedding cake and creates some amazing cakes for all manner of other family occasions.

She can shape flowers out of icing, build a Peppa Pig cake, and stack a three-tier wedding cake that looks as if it was baked by a professional.

My daughter’s birthday cake from earlier this year

A beautiful cake made by my mum for a relative’s wedding

So I’m pretty lucky really, as are my kids who also benefit from her skills.

I can’t do the decorating, I’m no good with a piping bag or at making icing sculptures.

However, thankfully my mum has a pretty straightforward recipe for cupcakes. It tastes amazing every time we make them here. My toddler loves getting involved with baking, perhaps because she can’t wait to lick the bowl either.

With permission from Nana Bubble, I’m sharing her cupcake recipe. These instructions assume you have an electric mixer, which I’m assured makes life easier but isn’t essential!


Cupcakes recipe

Makes 12 to 15 cakes

3 eggs (large) – beat in a jug with a fork
6 ounces stork margarine
6 ounces caster sugar
6 ounces self-raising flour (Macdougalls)

1. Mix the margarine and caster sugar till creamed
2. Start to add eggs a bit at a time
3. When you get to the last of the egg mix (about an inch in the measuring jug) put in a tablespoon of the flour and mix – to avoid mix curdling
4. Then beat on high for a few minutes to get a batter
5. Then add in flour and stir to combine
6. When all mixed in turn mixer up high and beat for 4 to 5 minutes. Watch for mix to lighten in colour to pale yellow with a sheen.
7. Put mix into cupcake cases, filling to around two thirds. Bake for 25 minutes on 175 degrees C.
8. Cakes are ready when golden brown and dry to the touch.
9. Cool and then decorate however you like!


Easy cupcake recipe child-friendly
Easy cupcake recipe