The latest Lego movie in the Justice League series is a brilliant adventure for the entire family. 

We were lucky to be invited along to a special party to celebrate the movie and the DC Super Villains game. 

As part of the fun-filled morning the girls got to make their own superhero capes and masks, eat some lovely cakes and watch the movie in a private screening room at Legoland Windsor. 

We have yet to give the girls a full cinema experience – mainly because we’ve felt that Isabella was a bit young at just under two years old. 

So this was the perfect opportunity to ease us into the full movie experience as a family. We watched in a private room at the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel – where the lovely people at Warner Bros. had put on a brilliant party for kids. 

There was the chance to play the new DC Super Villains games and dress up as a superhero, with costumes including Batman, Batgirl and Superman. 

My little superheroes played in the Lego pits before going to watch the movie

When it was time to sit down for the movie, both girls were ready to relax and enjoy the film, which had both girls transfixed from start to finish.

A Lego sculpture at the function room – there are so many fun touches like this at Legoland

The story sees Aquaman worry about his place in the Justice League. When his position as king of Atlantis is stolen by his brother, he and the Justice League must work together to save Atlantis and the rest of the world.

The fab thing about this movie was that it was peppered with jokes for grown ups as well as the kids. It wasn’t just for young kids, or just for older kids, but for the entire family. 

The girls both laughed at the jokes (though Isabella mainly just laughed when she saw people get a bonk on the head or at the dolphins). 

The animation was vibrant and fun, plus the scale of the movie is so huge. From dry land to under the sea and to outer space, there are so many impressive scenes and the detail is just incredible. 

This is the eighth Lego DC Comics super heroes film, and we are now definitely going to be watching the others!

What was your children’s first cinema experience? Did they enjoy it?



We were invited to this screening of Aquaman by Warner Bros. All opinions are my own.