Do your little monsters love making creepy creatures?

monster paper plate craft

This monster paper plate craft is perfect for all ages because the child can be as detailed or as messy when decorating the paper plate as they want. 

They could create warts, a creepy smile and pointy ears. Or they can just splodge the paint any way they want to on the plate, using whatever colours they wish.

Then they just add as many eyes as they want to!

For this craft you will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft eyes
Monster paper plate craftMonster paper plate craft

To make our monster paper plate, we used Little Brian Paint Sticks, which are an amazing mess-free paint product.

They are paints in a stick form, so all your child does is twist them up and paint. No water required to mix it, and no paint brushes required to get it onto the paper.

It’s a much neater way of painting. We haven’t completely ditched our traditional paints, but the Paint Sticks are a really good option if I just don’t feel like making a huge mess for whatever reason!

My toddler was given free-rein to use whatever colours she wanted to decorate the plate.

Once it was dry, we stuck down the eyes (which came in a pack of various different sizes) and that was it!

You can always add 3D elements such as long arms or ears.

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Monster paper plate craftMonster paper plate craft