Modibodi period pants review

Periods are never going to be the same again!

They’ll still be a bit annoying, messy at times, and painful. But thanks to Modibodi I’m saying goodbye to embarrassing leaks, worry about dashing to the shops for supplies and sending bags of pointless waste to landfill. 

I’ve been trying out Modibodi’s period pants for the last week and now I’m ready to share my thoughts with my fellow ladies. I’ve have been absolutely blown away by how fantastic these knickers are. 

Not only do they not look at all like anything other than normal pants to the casual observer, but wow do they absorb an impressive amount considering how light and comfy they are!

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What are Modibodi products?

Modibodi period pants reviewModibodi period pants review

When that time of the month rolls around I always dread it. Normally because I haven’t managed to stock up on sanitary products in time for the event!

I was shocked to read that every women will go through an average of 11,000 sanitary products in their lifetime, according to the Women’s Environmental Network. 

Having filled the bathroom bin with tampons and sanitary towels every month since I was 13, I cannot even bring myself to calculate how much I’ve contributed to landfill!

But, last year I started reading more and more about sustainable menstrual products. I’m late to the party I know, but I was keen to make up for lost time and stop adding tampons and pads to my monthly shopping list. 

So what and who are Modibodi? Modibodi makes period pants, along with other absorbent clothing for breastfeeding mamas, pregnant ladies and gym-goers. 

The brand launched in 2013 and makes a range of products from swimwear, to activewear and a variety of different styles of pants. There’s a product that works with you no matter what you get up to. 

The key is that you can carry on with your normal life and not worry about messy leaks, odour or having to pack handfuls of spare tampons and pads.  

From the range of pants, you can choose different levels of absorbency which you can wear depending on where in your cycle you are and what you are wearing them for. I used the heavier absorbency for overnight use and the light flow for when my period was just about over. 

How period pants work

I was sent two pairs of period pants to try out. 

Modibodi period pants reviewModibodi period pants review

Modibodi uses special tech-savvy fabrics such as bamboo, microfibre and merino perform wool to make sexy, comfy, pretty and absorbent underwear. 

These super slim knickers feature moisture-wicking lining and anti-odour technology that mean you just pull the pants on and then go about your busy day. 

The first pair I tried was the sensual hi-waist bikini with a heavy overnight flow absorbency (£23.50). These feature pretty lace trim around the top and are a gorgeous fit. 

My first impressions were that I couldn’t believe these pants could absorb 20ml, or three to four tampons, of period flow. The pad that absorbs your flow is serious thin. 

And yet I wore them overnight and woke up feeling dry and comfortable. 

What made them so much better than pads was that I didn’t have to worry about leaks. I find pads can fold up, ride up and shift in the night. The knickers stayed in place and meant I could wear whatever PJs I wanted without worrying I might have a midnight accident. 

I also tried the classic bikini with a light to moderate absorbency (£18). These can absorb about 10ml of flow. They’re plainer than the sensual pants but a very comfy fit. Again, they look nothing like a menstrual product, just normal knickers!

Modibodi bikini pantsModibodi bikini pants

With both pants, I was impressed by the fit, which was true to my usual size, and how soft and flexible the material was. 

When it comes to washing, you need to rinse the pants in cold water first, then wash cold in the machine before hanging out to dry (they cannot be tumble dried). I found the pants washed extremely well, although of course this is why you need more than one pair to replace pads completely, as you will need to wash them at least a couple of times over the course of your cycle. 

Modibodi packagingModibodi packaging

What else does Modibodi offer?

Modibodi makes a variety of products with four game-changing linings. 

One is a period and pee-friendly lining, which can hold up to 20ml of flow. 

There’s a perspiration and pong-proof lining for hard workouts and hot days, which takes away sweat and discharge to leave you feeling fresh. 

Another lining is for swimwear which offers period and pee-friendly absorption for when you’re chilling by the pool. Finally there’s linings for special tops that take away leaking breastmilk to keep your clothes dry. 

Modibodi also makes the RED range, which is specifically for young women and girls who have just started their period. It’s all the same great technology, but in sizes and designs for younger, smaller ladies. 

There’s a design of underwear to suit everyone when it comes to the period pants range. You can choose from all sorts of different cuts, fits and colours, from boy shorts to classic bikini. 

My verdict on Modibodi

Sustainable products are not only incredible technology, but it feels great to use them! You’re saving money in the long-term and you’re throwing nothing into the bin. 

I’ve already ditched tampons for a menstrual cup, having decided I really wanted to stop throwing away so much waste every month. 

I love that I can wear Modibodi when I want a break from the cup, particularly overnight as I worry about using internal menstrual products for too many hours at a time. 

I was seriously impressed by the quality of the Modibodi products. They are comfortable to wear, they are seriously absorbent and simple to wash. 

If you want these to completely replace your use of tampons and sanitary towels then you need at least three pairs, preferably four. This is so that you can wash pairs between use, and give them time to dry. 

This means an initial investment of £60 to £80. When you consider how much you will save on sanitary products over the long-run and how convenient these products are, I think it’s a small price to pay, especially because you’re helping the planet too!

I am so glad I’ve discovered the Modibodi range of products and am happy to report my days of buying tampons and pads are long gone!

These products were gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.