Baby shower activity and game ideas

Looking for fun baby shower activity and game ideas to entertain guests?

Throwing a baby shower for a pregnant friend is exciting, but if you’re in charge then there’s a certain degree of pressure on you to keep everyone happy. 

There are lots of fantastic activities and games you can plan for your baby shower guests, which make brilliant ice-breakers if some of the guests don’t know each other. 

As well as some modern baby game ideas, there are also six free printable baby activity sheets you can download at the end of this post. All you need to do is subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get access to download the free bundle of baby shower game printables!

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Baby shower planning

The baby shower games are just one of a string of things for you to think about! 

When it comes to planning the baby shower, these are the key items you’ll need to organise: 

  • Venue. This is influenced by how many people are on the guest list. Holding the party at someone’s home is generally the done thing. If it’s a surprise shower then you will need to think a bit strategically about how you’re going to keep all of the party planning from the mama-to-be.
  • Guest list. Try to ask your pregnant friend who she would like at the shower. If you can’t, reach out to one of her parents so that you don’t miss any key friendship groups from work or old school friends.
  • Drink. You may want a little bit of fizz to celebrate the occasion. However make sure there are lots of fun non-alcoholic options. Check out these great mocktail recipes.
  • Decorations. Do you have a theme? You could just go with a certain combination of colours. Some lovely baby shower themes include floral, jungle, or ducks. If you’re on a budget, then simply go for lots of balloons, which you can get cheaply in bulk. Choose a pretty combination of pastel colours and string them together to make balloon clouds.
  • Gifts. The mama-to-be may provide a list of gifts she wants at her baby shower, but if it’s a secret then try to liaise with other guests about who is getting what so that you don’t double up. Find some great ideas for what expectant parents need to buy for their baby on this post.

So let’s get on to the baby shower games and activities!

Don’t forget to pick up some prizes for the winner! You could get things like scented candles, mini bottles of lotion and miniature potted plants.

Guess the mother’s measurements

You’ll need a tape measure for this game, as long as you are sure mama is going to be happy with having her belly measurement being discussed!

Everyone needs to take it in turns to guess the mama’s measurements around their bump. 

You could do the measurement around their bump, and the measurement midwives tend to rely on which runs from the very top of the bump, vertically down to the pelvis. 

You may want mama to do this measurement herself when you’re checking the results!

Blindfolded nappy changing

Get a doll and some newborn nappies. You may want to try and get hold of at least three dolls, depending on how many guests you have, so that more than one can do the changing at a time. 

It could be fun to race three at a time, or just time everyone individually and then choose a winner. 

Everyone has to wear a blindfold and try to put a nappy on the doll. 

Onesie decorating 

This is one of the most adorable ideas for a baby shower game, plus it’s very practical as mama will have a stack of onesies to use when the baby arrives!

Get some plain white baby vests, some fabric pens (lots of different colours and glitter pens too) and set up a decorating station. Guests can take it in turns to decorate their own onesies. 

Here’s some amazing inspiration for how your guests can decorate the outfits. 

Block decorating 

This is another lovely activity which leaves the mother with some gorgeous toys for her baby to play with. 

Get some plain blocks, you can find a bundle of them here, and permanent markers in lots of different colours. 

You could also get some stencils so that your guests can print letters onto the blocks. 

Nappy decorating

A brilliant activity as it won’t cost too much money to get all of the things you need. 

Get a pack of cheap baby nappies and some permanent markers and challenge guests to decorate the nappies. They could write inspirational messages on there or get artistic. Mama-to-be can then choose her favourite. 

Baby sketch

Get some plain white paper plates and challenge each guest to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. 

The challenge is that they have to hold the paper plate to their forehead while doing the drawing, so they won’t be able to see what they’re doing!

What’s in the baby bag?

Get a diaper bag, or any bag, and fill it with baby items. Try nappies, cream, shampoo, wipes, baby clothes, baby food, a rattle and anything else you can get your hands on. 

Blindfold your guests and get them to feel inside the bag one at a time. They then have to write down all of the things they think are in the bag. 

Name trends

The top 10 baby names have changed dramatically from decade to decade! Challenge your guests to guess the top 10 baby names from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and today.

You can go online and find the top baby names for the UK here and the top baby names for the US here.

Baby food tasting 

Get a selection of baby food jars. Try to get at least five. 

Cover the labels with some plain white stickers and number the jars (make a note as organiser of which number is which food). 

Now get your guests to taste each jar. See who can figure out what the flavour of each jar is!

Guess the baby

Ask every guest to bring a picture of themselves as a baby. Arrange the pictures on a board or table. Make sure to number each one. 

Now guests need to match the baby picture to the right person!

Printable bundle of games!

I’ve got six beautiful printables featuring fun games and challenges for your baby shower guests! They’re totally free, just sign up to my mailing list and you can get access to the whole lot.

The bundle of printable baby shower games includes:

  • Guess that rhyme. Challenge your guests to fill in the gaps from the famous lines from popular nursery rhymes.
  • Predictions for the baby. The mama-to-be can look back at these after the baby is born and see who got the closest to being right.
  • Mama or dada? See who knows the parents-to-be best with this mama or dada game challenging guests to figure out which parents is most likely to have various traits and quirks.
  • Baby animals. Guess the names of the baby animals!
  • Find the guest. This is a brilliant ice-breaker. Everyone needs to fill out the names that match the description of a particular guest.
  • Price is right. How much are nappies and other baby staples? Get your guests to have a guess, than add up the shopping bill and see who gets the closest.
Free baby shower game printablesFree baby shower game printables
Fun baby shower printable gamesFun baby shower printable games