Looking for a straight-talking breastfeeding basics online course that can hold your hand through the difficult early weeks of nursing and beyond?

Milkology’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a must-buy for expectant or new mothers who would like to breastfeed their baby.

It presents clear answers to all of the struggles that come with being a new mama nursing a newborn baby.

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I wanted to share my honest review of Milkology’s The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class because it is something I would have absolutely loved to have when I was a first-time mother.

Not only is the content amazing, clear and extremely helpful, but the layout of the course is so user friendly!

Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class review Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class review

Once you purchase the Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class, you have lifetime access. So you can keep going back to it again and again throughout your first year with a baby as you progress through your nursing journey.

What is The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is an online course teaching everything new mothers need to know about breastfeeding their baby.

It offers step-by-step advice and guidance to help you establish your breast milk supply. This online lactation course features technical help on latching your baby, expressing milk, understanding whether baby is getting enough milk, plus advice on going beyond the difficult early weeks.

Milkology online Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Milkology online Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

The majority of the course is in video format. Each video is roughly three to 12 minutes long. This is great because you can work your way through each stage of the course very easily, taking bitesize chunks as and when you need them.

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform. This is a brilliant platform as it makes it very easy to see the course chapters in full. You can skip forward to a later chapter of the course if there is something specific you need an answer to right now.

Once you have completed the course, it’s then very easy to go back and look at parts of it that you need a refresher on.

As well as 13 videos, you also get six written sections, including a list of breastfeeding products, access to discounts and printable notes that you can keep handy for when you’re struggling with a particular issue. 

There are even printable breastfeeding milestone photo cards for you, which are great for documenting all of your breastfeeding success as you go!

I particularly love the bonus ebook, The Little Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets. This features eight pages of facts and hacks for breastfeeding mothers about everything from treating clogged ducts to pumping milk at work.

If you don’t want to view all of the video content, then you can download and print the class notes which feature all of the information from the videos in a written PDF.

Milkology breastfeeding class reviewMilkology breastfeeding class review

What do you get with the Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

Mother breastfeeding her baby Mother breastfeeding her baby

For $22.80 you get lifetime access to the full course and the bonus items. This includes any updates that are made to the class in the future.

If you are not satisfied with the course, then you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps, tutorials and bonus material you get with the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class. It takes 90 minutes to work through all of the course material.

  • Step 1: Discover the Benefits
  • The properties of Breast Milk
  • Benefits for Baby
  • Benefits for Mom
  • Benefits for Family & the World
  • Step 2: Understand the Process
  • Lactation Explained
  • Master Your Milk Supply
  • Step 3: Learn the Techniques
  • Latching and Positioning
  • Expression and Storage
  • Step 4: Know What to Expect
  • Diaper Output and Weight
  • The First Month
  • Month 2 and Beyond
  • Step 5: Find Support & Get Prepared
  • Find your Support Network
  • Prepare for Success
  • Game-changing Products
  • Bonuses
  • Exclusive discounts
  • The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide: Common Breastfeeding Issues (PDF)
  • eBook: The Little Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets
  • Breastfeeding Milestone Photo Cards
Milkology course curriculum Milkology course curriculum

Can this Milkology course help me with breastfeeding?

Yes absolutely. Whatever stage of your breastfeeding journey, including if you haven’t even had your baby yet, this course can give you information and help that will empower you to stick with breastfeeding.

It features advice on what to expect with a newborn’s first feed, plus tips on boosting your milk supply in the challenging early weeks.

There are hacks to help you encourage a baby to feed, including ways to make sure they stay awake to get a full feed.

For expectant mothers there’s a list of things to do to help you prepare for breastfeeding your baby.

What I especially love about this course is how easy it is to digest the information. You can access the course from your smartphone if you want to do it while nursing your baby, or watch it on a computer. It’s up to you.

Who teaches the Milkology course?

The course has been created by lactation educator Stacey Stewart.

She founded the Milkology brand in 2017 with a goal to create the highest quality breastfeeding content to educate breastfeeding mothers around the world.

Is Milkology worth the money?

Mum breastfeeding her newborn baby Mum breastfeeding her newborn baby

At just $22.80, yes this course is definitely worth the money given the video classes plus printable notes and bonus ebooks.

It’s reassuring, packed with honest and factual information, the format is easy to follow and there are bonus goodies that make it easy to find answers to all your key questions.

As someone who had a massive uphill battle with breastfeeding my first baby, and who ultimately had to stick with expressing milk and then bottlefeeding, I would have absolutely loved to have this course.

It contains the answers to all of the mysteries and difficulties that I struggled with during the early weeks of breastfeeding.

I love the course format, with very easy-to-follow videos with clear narration and graphics to illustrate everything you need to know.

What other courses does Milkology offer?

As you go through your breastfeeding journey you may also be interested in some of the other courses Milkology has to offer.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class offers help to mamas who are going back to their career but would like their baby to continue receiving their breast milk even when they’re in daycare.

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class is for mamas who, for whatever reason, want to express all of their feeds for baby and offer them in a bottle. I did this with my first baby and it is totally possible! A course like this would have been a godsend to me as all of the crucial information you need to know about exclusive pumping is right there in an easy-to-read format.

Other courses include Pump It Up, which aims to help you maximise your pumping output, and Master Your Milk Supply, which focuses on feeling confident about and boosting your milk supply.

How do I get the Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

Simply follow this link and click to purchase The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class. You will be invited to create a login with Teachable so that you can access the course as and when you want to.

You will be able to access the course on your computer, iPad and smartphone, so you can pick up on where you left of with your learning wherever you are!

You can read lots more about Milkology over on the website.

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