Who ever said science has to be boring?

I absolutely love doing activities with my kids at home that nurture their curiosity in the world around them. 

As I’m not the best crafty parent in the world, I much prefer having readymade kits that inspire an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

So I was excited to receive a selection of National Geographic educational toys from Bandai UK. 

These fabulous little kits are amazing fun, engaging and really teach kids something special!

National Geographic STEM kits review

I love how they nurture a child’s natural curiosity, include extra information to help them learn, plus  are just great fun to play with!

These STEM kits are aimed at children aged over 8. My daughter started school last year and has just turned five. While she needed supervision with these kits, she was absolutely fine doing them herself. She did a fantastic job!

I’m going to show you what each of these National Geographic kits look like and at the end of this post there’s a chance for you to win one of your very own! You could use it to keep your child entertained on a rainy day!

We were gifted these products in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

National Geographic Crystal Garden review

National Geographic Crystal GardenNational Geographic Crystal Garden

I vividly remember having one of these crystal growing trees when I was a child. 

I was so excited to see it blossom and it’s fabulous to now do one of these kits with my own kids. 

What I love about this particular Crystal Garden kit is that it gives your child more to do to personalise their tree!

The kit comes with a set of five pens which your child uses to colour in the two little trees in the kit. 

They can do stripes, or different coloured branches. The choice is theirs!

National Geographic Crystal garden National Geographic Crystal garden

Once the tree pieces have been coloured on both sides, it’s then just a simple matter of slotting the two halves of each tree together and popping them into the base from the kit. 

Each tree has its own base. There are also two different sachets containing the liquid you need to pour on the trees to get the crystals growing. 

My daughter loved pouring the liquid over the trees. What’s fab about this experiment is your child does not have to wait too long for the crystals to start appearing. 

The first few crystals arrived within around an hour, then it had fully bloomed by the next morning!

The results are stunning, with the crystals taking on the colours of the pens that my daughter used to decorate them. The trees last for ages. Of course your little one can’t play with them once they’re done, but they are lovely to look at on the shelf!

Included in the box is also a little geode for your child to keep!

My kids are both fascinated by dinosaurs so this was the absolute perfect kit for them! It lets your child dig for real fossils in their own home. 

National Geographic dino fossil dig kitNational Geographic dino fossil dig kit

Inside the box is a solid dinosaur head, excavating tools including a brush and scrapper and a little booklet explaining more about dinosaur fossils. 

There is so much learning to be had from this kit, plus it’s brilliant fun!

Your child uses the excavating tools to scrape away at the dinosaur head. It does not require too much pressure and effort to dig into the rock and reveal the three specimens inside the dinosaur head!

You get a piece of dino bone, dino poop (yep, really) and a tooth. The booklet with the kit contains more info about the specimens so your child can read up on fossils some more. 

My daughter absolutely loved doing this! It did create some mess with the dust and pieces from the dinosaur head as she dug for the fossils, but I just got her to do it on a piece of newspaper and this contained the dust!

I would definitely get this as a present for another child as it was really engaging and fun. 

This is a very similar kit to the dinosaur one but inside is a shark’s tooth!

Included is a magnifying glass and excavating tools for your child to dig out the tooth. 

National Geographic shark kitNational Geographic shark kit

This one is smaller than the dinosaur kit, but was just as fun. 

National Geographic Gemstone dig kitNational Geographic Gemstone dig kit

This Gemstone dig kit is really pretty and includes three gems inside the rock!

It’s exactly the same principle as the dig kits described above.

You just need to file away at the gem rock with the tools included until you uncover the three gems.

This one went down really well with the kids, who were so excited to see the gems being uncovered.

Again the stone that contains the gems is quite soft, so although they do need to put some effort into it your child will be strong enough to do it themselves.

If they do struggle, you can add a little water to help dissolve the rock a little.

National Geographic Gemstone kit reviewNational Geographic Gemstone kit review

It’s lovely that this kit reveals some gemstones for your child to display in their bedroom!

What we thought of the National Geographic kits

The girls both loved playing with the National Geographic Kits!

I would really recommend the dig kits, as once the digging is finished your child has something they can keep forever whether it be a shark tooth or a gemstone.

The Crystal Garden is just beautiful and I love that you can custom the colours of the trees.

These are a fabulous way to teach your child STEM and entertain them on a rainy day!


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