When you come across someone who has unique talent, it’s obvious. We’ve been captivated by the beautiful work of photographer Camille Nuttall, who has shot campaigns for Tutu Du Monde, Gelato, Denim and Baobab, to name but a few. Camille’s super hero skill for keeping kids relaxed and engaged creates commercial quality images that are timeless, uninhibited and just plain delightful. But the best part is that in addition to shooting for big clients and international magazines, she also shoots for ordinary folks like you and me! Using professional lighting, styling and post-production techniques, Camille turns family photos in to works of art that speak volumes about the special moments they capture.

Camille is Sydney-based but frequently travels along the East Coast of Australia for shoots, so contact her to find out if she’s near you soon.

See more of Camille’s work at camillenuttall.com

Camille Nuttall Photography