Our babies grow up just too quickly. One minute you’re holding your sweet newborn and the next minute you’re contemplating driving lessons and first dates. Photos of all these magical moments help us hold onto these precious memories.

But how best to capture them? An online photography course from Club Lilypad will help you to wield your DSLR camera like a magical memory box, capturing photos you absolutely love and will treasure forever. And a new course is about to get started, so you are just days away from taking better photos!

Club Lilypad beginner family photography course

Lisa, the founder of Club Lilypad, knows a thing or two about family photography. Yes, it’s what she does for a living but it’s also her passion. And she knows that you can’t always have someone like her around taking photos, so she wants to help you to learn how to take beautiful family photos everyday.

She created the Photography Launchpad course especially for this reason. This course is all about you becoming the master of your digital SLR camera. It will give you the confidence to capture your family moments as they happen. You know the ones – the moment your baby discovers their hands, their delight on Christmas morning, their first day of school.

Club Lilypad beginner family photography course

She also knows that being a parent doesn’t leave a lot of spare time. Which is why the course has a totally do-able, five week structure that will leave you feeling super confident and ready to snap.

And it is all online, with lifetime access to videos, detailed course notes and membership of the Club Lilypad community all included. You can totally get this done in your PJs. In bed. Bliss!

Club Lilypad beginner family photography course

Registrations for the course are now open and the course will begin on March 22, 2016.

You can register online at clublilypad.com.

Dust off your DSLR, shift that dial off of the automatic setting and get ready to take photos that you will love to look at for years to come.