New Kickstarter project Kudoso is so clever we can’t believe it hasn’t been developed already. Kudoso is a new bit of software and hardware wizardry that helps you determine what websites your children can visit and how long for.

What’s more, it includes an ingenious system that makes your kids earn the right to browse. Want to watch Angelina Ballerina? Better put that laundry away and eat your spinach!

Managing what your children see, and how often they’re online, can be a complete minefield in the 21st century. Even with filters and monitoring, it can still be a huge challenge, especially for the technologically challenged parent with tech-savvy kids. Kudoso aims to makes it simple and easy.

Kudoso lets you set tasks for your children that earn a certain number of points. When the right number of points have been achieved, they can unlock screen time for the sites you approve.


What’s more, Kudoso works on more than just the home computer, it also helps you manage what your children watch on the laptop, tablets and smart phones.

Parents can adjust the rewards their children can access and set different point levels for each reward, which may help encourage kids to spend more time watching National Geographic rather than YouTube (how many times does a child need to watch “Let It Go” acoustic cover versions?).

Kudoso Personalised Usage Reports

We think this is simply genius. instead of constant negotiations, warnings, worrying, Kudoso does all the hard work for you. By making goals really simple and clear (and set in stone), and guarding what websites they can visit, it makes Kudoso the ‘bad guy’ – not you.

To start using the system, you simply have to connect the Kudoso router to your existing router, and move any of your children’s directly connected devices over to the Kudoso router. Change the password on your existing Wifi network and then follow a simple setup process. Just think of Kudoso like a Beefeater guarding your children from the online world, quietly protecting you and your family.

Kudoso’s Kickstarter has met more than half of its goal but has only four days to go. The project will only be funded if at least US$50,000 is pledged by Saturday 26 July. So if you’re like to support the project head over to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge!