Whoever claims to find motherhood a breeze is either lying or someone with the patience of a saint crossed with an actual god on earth. 

Motherhood is hard. The other day I took my daughters for a day out at a local country park. It has animals, different play parks, dinosaur statues, fairy doors, play houses. It’s kid heaven. 

And yet they cried pretty much non-stop the entire time we were there. 

We weren’t there because I wanted to be there. Of course I wanted to be out of the house, but my first choice would have been a coffee shop, or maybe a couple of hours at a spa, relaxing. 

Instead I was trying to convince them that this was fun. By the time I got them back to the car they were both crying as if I had shredded all of their toys and told them Santa would never bring them another present ever again. 

And that’s motherhood. It’s hard. It’s hard even when you’ve done your very best to make it fun and easy. 

Motherhood is putting your child in a gorgeous, fresh outfit. Then watching as they vomit their last feed all over it. 

Motherhood is spending hours cooking a range of purees for your baby to taste. Then binning most of it as your baby refuses to eat more than half a bite. 

Motherhood is thinking long and hard to pick out the perfect Christmas gifts. Then seeing your child spend hours playing inside the box. 

Motherhood is being excited to have quality time with your child. Then spending all day dealing with multiple tantrums. 

Motherhood is needing an evening of quality time for you and your other half. Then spending four hours convincing your toddler to go to sleep. 

Motherhood is getting to sleep at 4am. Then being woken by your kids at 5.30am. 

Motherhood is wanting to have a career. Then crying in the loos at work because you miss your kids so much. 

Motherhood is choosing to be a stay-at-home mum. Then feeling so bored you desperately try to start a conversation with the postman just to have an adult to speak to. 

Motherhood is telling yourself you are enough. Then feeling guilty about everything anyway. 

No matter what the age of your kids, or how confident you are in your abilities as a mum, we all have weeks, days, moments that are just bloody hard. 

We all have days like that mama. None of us are perfect, or winning at motherhood. If it feels hard, it’s because it is. Motherhood really just is this hard, you’re not going mad. You’re not doing it wrong. You’re not to blame.

So what can we do on the hard days?

Try to remember that being a mother isn’t an easy journey. It’s a rollercoaster and as quickly as you hit a lows, the highs come back around. 

Try to stay positive, laugh it off as much as possible, and remember we’re all facing the same struggles day in day out. 



Motherhood is hard