It’s the product we tried to beat, but couldn’t.

Colour Catcher laundry sheets are little squares of magic. Now even the most domestically challenged among us will never have to dress in pink shirts that used to be white.

Colour Catcher sheets trap loose dye and dirt during the wash, preventing colour runs and allowing mixed colour washes. As well as averting complete dye disasters, Colour Catcher can also stop your clothes getting that dull, grubby look over time (caused by dye build-up).

But those are some bold claims. Can they really be true? Time to put on our lab coats and run a Buzz Test!

The Buzz Test

The instructions on the back of the Colour Catcher packet are pretty conservative. They suggest washing new coloured garments separately for at least 5 or 6 washes, and only trying mixed loads with “well washed” items. But we at The Daily Buzz like to live dangerously. So our first test involved a brand new pair of never-washed kids’ red jeans, thrown in with a white t-shirt. Well, that’s just asking for trouble.

Behold the horror ….

Colour Catcher road test

And the result? After washing the items with a Colour Catcher sheet, the t-shirt is as pristine as the day it was purchased, with all the red dye from the jeans soaked up by the sheet, just as they promised.

Colour Catcher road test

Colour Catcher road test

Next up, we ran a load of mixed colours and darks to see if we could do any damage.

Nope! Look at these babies: the colours are bright, the darks remain dark, and the excess dye is on the sheet (placed next to an unused Colour Catcher so you can see the difference):

Colour catcher road test

The verdict? It really works. If anything, we reckon Colour Catcher should be blowing their trumpet a bit louder. These sheets will cut down on the number of separate washes you need to do, and keep your clothes looking good over time. A gold star for you, Colour Catcher!

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UPDATE: Reader Leanne suggests putting your colour catcher sheet inside a ‘delicates’ zip up bag if you’re concerned about the sheets potentially getting stuck in your draining outlet pipe. Great tip, thanks Leanne!