Is your travel date looming and you are feeling anxious about flying with an infant? Are you worried your parenting abilities will be questioned if your baby isn’t calm throughout the flight?

Flying with an infant really isn’t too difficult if you prepare and have a few tricks up your sleeves. There are others who have gone before you, tackled the challenge and made amazing memories.

How old does a baby have to be to fly? You probably won’t want to go on a plane too soon after delivery or even within the first month because a newborn requires a lot of attention, but by the age of three months, your baby most likely will be ready to travel.

Here are a few tips about how to fly with a baby.

How to travel with an infant tip 1: Health and Safety

Schedule a checkup with your doctor before you leave, especially if your baby has been sick. It is important your infant doesn’t have an ear infection.

How to travel with an infant tip 2: Pack the Essentials for the Flight

Stock your diaper bag to be prepared. Use plastic bags to organize all the necessities into separate bags. Roll up your baby’s outfits, bibs, and socks together so you don’t have to go searching for tiny pieces of clothing and put each outfit in a bag.

Most new parents have a tendency to pack more than what they need, but you will want to make sure you have at least these essentials in your diaper bag:

Remember that most things can be bought when you arrive to your destination. Here is a list of all you could ever need while traveling with your infant. It will make it easier to leave some of the items behind, but if you are traveling to a remote location where there aren’t any nearby stores, this list includes most things you might need on vacation.

How to travel with an infant tip 3: Larger Items

Baby’s have lots of stuff. It’s just a given, but that doesn’t mean you need to haul everything through the airport.

How to travel with an infant tip 4: Airplane Rules and International Travel

Review the airplane rules and regulations before you fly. Most airlines suggest buying a ticket for your baby so they can travel securely in a car seat, but usually babies two and under will fly free as a lap baby.

How to travel with an infant tip 5: Choosing Accommodation

Choose a hotel that is baby-friendly and will give you the most for your money.

Follow these tips and you will become an expert at traveling with an infant. Be prepared to be flexible throughout your trip and you will make some wonderful memories.