Celebrating your pregnancy and the imminent arrival of your little one is definitely something you do not want to miss.

A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the friends and loved ones as you get closer to your due date.

Throwing a baby shower

But what if it’s difficult to get everyone together all in one place?

When you picture a baby shower you think of all your friends gathered together in your living room, cooing over baby clothes, playing silly games and swapping tips for the early weeks with a newborn.

Today there may be a lot of reasons why you cannot hold a baby shower face-to-face with your friends and family.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hold one at all! This post is going to give you all the information you need on how to throw a virtual baby shower!

What is a virtual baby shower?

A virtual baby shower is where you get your nearest and dearest together to meet in an online conference rather than throw a party at a venue.

You may choose to do this because it’s not possible to get everyone together in one place at the same time, or due to travel issues where you have relatives and friends living abroad.

You choose an online meeting provider such as Zoom or Zoho to connect everyone together via video link at a chosen time.

Then you can chat and enjoy party games without physically being together in the same room.

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Tips for organising a virtual baby shower

So now you’ve decided to throw a virtual baby shower, now you need to think about the details.

You may be the mama-to-be organising this or it may be that you’re organising the party on behalf of a friend.

Whatever the case, this is everything you need to know for making a remote virtual baby shower a big success.

Get a guest list and contact details

Start with the basics. Who does mama-to-be want to be at her baby shower?

Make a list and be sure to get their email addresses or phone details so you can add them all to a WhatsApp group to make swapping quick changes to the party easier.

Don’t forget to ask for postal addresses too if you want to send out card invitations to the baby shower guests.

At this stage ask everyone if they have access to laptops or computers that will let them access Zoom. You can also access Zoom on tablets and smartphones.

Decide if it will be a surprise virtual baby shower

If you are organising the baby shower for a pregnant friend you may want to try and surprise them.

The logistics of this might be tricky. You will need to enlist the help of the expectant lady’s partner to ensure she is in the right place at the right time to connect to the video party.

You will also need to come up with a plausible story. One good way to hide the surprise is to get the mama-to-be’s mum or a friend to invite her to have a video chat to discuss or show her something, then surprise her when all of her friends join.

If it is going to be a surprise, everyone needs to keep the baby shower chat within the WhatsApp group (which doesn’t include the mama-to-be) only.

Organising a virtual baby shower Organising a virtual baby shower

Organise a date and a hosting platform

Contact all of the guests via email or text and discuss what is a date that works for everyone.

There are a variety of platforms you can use to host the actual party.

Many people use Zoom to hold such meetings, as you can set up a free account to host an online meeting up to 100 participants (plenty for a shower as they generally involve 10 to 30 guests).

The great thing about Zoom is you can record the chat, so you have a video record of your baby shower.

The only downside is that with a free account your meeting can only be 40 minutes long. You can work around this by ending the meeting after 40 minutes and having another scheduled for immediately after. People will need to enter a different chat when the first one ends, but if you want to keep the party going a bit longer this is the best workaround without having to pay for an online video conferencing service.

But you may decide that 40 minutes is actually plenty of time for a virtual party!

Choose a theme

Now that the key details are set, you can start to organise the really fun stuff.

A baby shower does not have to have a theme, but it can be really nice to include some kind of cohesive theme that pulls the entire event together.

Maybe you love the idea of cutesy little yellow ducks or Peter Rabbit.

Or maybe you want to keep it more for the grown-ups and make it floral or choose a particular colour scheme such as pastels or monochrome.

There are some cute baby shower theme ideas on What to Expect.

Send out your invitations

Once you have decided on the date and time, have scheduled your meeting and have the link for people to connect and have a theme, now it’s time to send out invitations.

Although you may well have been discussing dates with the baby shower guests beforehand, it’s nice to send people an invitation just so they have all of the details in one place.

You could do e-invites including a clickable link to the scheduled Zoom meeting for the party.

Alternatively get some cute cards that fit in with your chosen theme to mail out by post.

Source party decorations or a virtual backdrop

Not everyone can be in the same room as the party decorations.

But you could decorate the mama-to-be’s space with decorations that fit in with the theme.

Try party streamers, bunting saying “congratulations” or a colourful backdrop to hang from the wall which the pregnant guest of honour can sit in front of during the video call.

You could batch buy some decorations and mail them out to the party guests ahead of time so that they can each decorate their space behind them with similar things. You can buy batches of baby shower party decorations from Amazon in tons of different colours.

If you want to save on the decorations then you could try using a virtual backdrop. Zoom allows you to choose any image you want as a background for your chat. So you will stay visible but the room behind you will be replaced by a fun image of your choice. Clever!

You can have lots of fun with the virtual backdrops. Maybe ask everyone to pick a virtual backdrop that comes from their favourite movie and everyone has to guess which one. Or you could all have the same pretty backdrop which fits in with the theme of the baby shower.

Think about your timeline

Plan out what you’re going to do during the video call as it will go very quickly.

When throwing a virtual party you don’t want everyone talking all over each other and you don’t want just two people having a chat while everyone else is left out.

Plan out the timeline of the party in a way that enables everyone to be involved.

So, if your party is going to be 40 minutes, your timeline may look like this:

  • Start – Welcome, surprise, congratulations to the mama-to-be.
  • 5mins – Toast to the mama-to-be with mocktails
  • 10mins – Play some baby shower games
  • 20mins – Mama opens or reveals her presents
  • 38mins – Goodbye

This is a very short party timeline and can be extended as I’ve indicated above you can add another Zoom meeting immediately after your 40 minutes is up so that you get extra time.

Plan ahead to open gifts together

One of the most important moments of a baby shower is when the guest of honour opens her gifts.

Obviously with a virtual baby shower people cannot all bring and present the gifts in person for the party.

But there are a number of ways you can work around this:

  • Send gifts to mama in advance. Get everyone to post their gift to the pregnant lady’s home and she then opens them on camera. This is a good option as it means she receives everything on the day of the baby shower.
  • Guests open gifts on camera. This option is great as it gets the guests a chance to speak rather than just sit on camera as observers. Guests could wrap the gifts then unwrap them for the camera. It’s up to them whether they then wrap them again to send to the pregnant guest of honour.
  • Mama receives a list. If the mama-to-be has a baby registry with an online store such as Amazon this could be a good option. At the virtual baby shower mama simply gets the list and takes a look at who got her what so she can say a big thank you on camera.

Plan some virtual baby shower games

There are tons of baby shower games that work great for a virtual party. This is a nice way of getting everyone invited to the baby shower involved and breaking the ice too if guests haven’t met each other before.

I have some free printable baby shower games over on this post. You can download and email the games to the guests so they can print ahead of the party.

Here are some great virtual baby shower party games:

  • Name that tune. Play a few seconds of a song. Stop the music and then the person who yells their name and gives the correct answer first is the winner.
  • Baby alphabet. Go through the alphabet and challenge people to come up with a baby-related word to match the letter.
  • Advice for new mama. This is more of an activity than a game, but you could challenge everyone to come up with 30seconds of advice for the mama-to-be.

Share a drink or food recipe beforehand

So you can’t all share food from the same platter. But you could have a shared recipe that you all make before the baby shower gets underway.

A simple mocktail is a great choice as it can be quick and easy for everyone to make. Plus an alcohol-free recipe means the mama-to-be can join in with the same drink too. There are some great recipes on BBC Food.

If your friends are all amazing bakers, then consider having a baby shower cupcake baking challenge. Everyone bakes and decorates their own cupcakes – these could be done to fit in with your chosen theme – then reveals them on camera to show everyone else. The mama-to-be gets to pick the winner.

Consider sending out sweet treats for guests

You could send party favours out to your guests ahead of the big virtual party.

Cookies decorated with baby-themed icing is a good choice as there are loads of companies who will make and send those by post.

Get them to guests the day before the baby shower, and then everyone can enjoy theirs altogether during the party.

Don’t forget to record the fun

The beauty of holding a virtual baby shower is you can hit record on the entire chat and save it forever.

Don’t forget to record your party and save it. It will be something your baby may love to watch in 18 years time!

How to organise a virtual baby shower How to organise a virtual baby shower