After being inspired by a few Pinterest images I decided to make my own pastel pom pom wreath.

I’ve been lacking in a hobby for quite a while – I’m not sure blogging really counts anymore as it’s my part-time job and while watching TV is fun, I fancied trying something a bit different.

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a crafty person at all. I cannot draw, I cannot paint and I definitely cannot sew. 

But I remember making pom poms when I was at school and figured if I bought some makers that it couldn’t be too hard. 

What I’m trying to say is, if I can make this then you most definitely can!

I absolutely love the results of this and may try some more pom pom crafts in future. The only problem with making the pom poms is that my kids are little too young to join in – they just don’t have the precision to wrap the yarn around the makers neatly enough without the wool getting all tangled. 

So I gave them a couple of pom poms to play with to keep them entertained and they helped me pick out the colours for the wreath. 

The colours are up to you, but if you want to make a really Christmassy one I suggest using all white – and you could add some spare baubles to it to really jazz it up – or green colours. You could also add a few small pine cones for decoration.

I got my ideas for making this from the Hobbycraft website, and I bought all of my supplies for this project in their store. I think I spent about £35, so it’s not the cheapest project in the world but I did buy a particularly big wreath. You could do a much smaller one and require less wool.

Anyway, here’s how I did it!

What you will need

Wool – in whatever colours you would like. I bought eight balls of wool.

Pom pom makers

Polystyrene wreath.

Glue gun.

How to make the pom poms

My pom pom makers came in four different sizes. Pick the size you want and hold the two halves together so that the holes and bumps line up.

Start wrapping your choice of wool around one half of the maker (tuck the end strand underneath the wool as you wrap it around). Try to keep it even and keep going until this half is full. 

Then use the same string of yarn to wrap the next semi circle until that one is full too. Snip the yarn and bring the two halves of the pom pom maker together. Now using some sharp scissors cut all around the yarn on the outside of the pom pom maker. 

Next get a short piece of the same colour of wool and tie this around the centre of the pom pom. Make it nice and tight. 

Now undo your pom pom maker and pull the pom pom out. Trim any long ends and you’re done!

There are loads of pictures on the Hobbycraft website showing how this is done as well.

How to make different patterns

If you fancy making a speckled pom pom, simply select the two colours you would like to use then hold the end together and wrap them around the maker simultaneously. It actually means you’ll make the pom pom in half the time as you’ve got two pieces of wool on the go!

To make a striped pom pom, use your first colour on one half of the pom pom maker until it’s half full, then use your second colour until it’s full. Now repeat on the second half of the pom pom and cut as usual!

Assembling the wreath

I made about 50 pom poms for my wreath as it is quite big! I varied the size of pom poms so that I had a good mixture of size and colours.

I do recommend having a hot glue gun as it makes sticking much easier. 

Start with the large pom poms and spread those out around the wreath, sticking them in place with the glue. 

Next use the medium ones to fill in the large gaps and then move on to using the smaller ones to fill in the little gaps. 

Try to spread out your colours if you’ve used different ones.

You can either hang it on a hook or get colourful ribbon to keep it in place. 



How to make a pom pom wreathHow to make a pom pom wreath


Check out these pins for more pom pom inspiration!




How to make a pastel pom pom wreath - perfect spring decorationHow to make a pastel pom pom wreath - perfect spring decoration