This homemade three-ingredient glitter slime is so very easy to make and seriously satisfying to squish between your fingers!

In my latest quest to keep the kids entertained I decided to give slime a go at last.

I have been admiring beautiful pictures of colourful slime on Pinterest for a while and had saved several different recipes to give it a go.

We are always looking for a new rainy day activity in this house, and slime seemed like the perfect way to keep my toddler entertained for an hour.

We attempted two recipes. One for the fluffy slime and another for regular slime. The fluffy one worked a treat but I just couldn’t get the regular slime to come out as anything but way too sticky to the job.

The great thing about the fluffy slime is that while it is a bit sticky, it doesn’t break apart into tiny bits as easily as the other recipe did.

Any bits that do get stuck to your fingers are easy to pick up using the slime itself to dab it off of your hands.

The regular slime recipe featured Elmer’s glue, contact lens solution and baking soda. I tried it twice but just couldn’t get it to work.

The fluffy slime swapped out the baking soda for shaving foam.

The great thing about this activity was that my toddler loved helping me to make the slime. She wanted to pour in the ingredients, stir them up and see it all come together.

The final product is fluffy and pretty, however I would say the glitter seemed to pretty much vanish altogether, so if you want really glittery slime add some extra glitter to your mixture.

To make this double colour magical slime I simply combined purple and blue slime, isn’t it beautiful?

As I said this recipe is super easy to make so don’t feel daunted by it, and the ingredients can be bought from Amazon (links are included below).

There are no quantities in this recipe, I just did it by sight and it worked great every time.

So here is how I made my fluffy glitter slime:

Recipe for fluffy glitter slime


Elmer’s glitter glue (your colour or colours of choice)

<br />

Shaving foam

Contact lens solution


You will need

A large mixing bowl

A wooden spoon

A pack of wipes handy just in case


Empty an entire pot of Elmer’s glitter glue into the bowl.

Add shaving foam – 1.5x the amount of glue. Don’t worry too much about being totally exact.

Squeeze in one tablespoon of contact lens solution and give it a good stir. Add another tablespoon of contact lens solution and stir again.

Stir until it is all combined and coming together into a ball.

Put some contact lens solution on your hands and rub them together to stop the slime sticking to your hands as much, then pick up the slime and knead it a bit.

If you want to make multi-coloured slime, repeat the above process with the other colours you want and then once they are all made gently knead them together.

The end result is beautiful, fluffy and very stretchy!



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Easy homemade glitter slimeEasy homemade glitter slime