Gorgeous kids' playroom ideas

Looking for gorgeous inspiration for your little one’s dream playroom?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to make small changes to your child’s existing playroom, these beautiful playrooms can give you fantastic inspiration!

First of all, let’s be clear about what a playroom is. It doesn’t have to be separate from their bedroom!

It doesn’t have to be an entire room on its own. It can be a corner of your living room, or a part of your child’s bedroom. 

Even if the space you have is limited, you can use the ideas here to make a space that works really well for your child. 

Above all things, a playroom should spark imagination and be a nice space for your child to play in!

So try these top tips and ideas for organising and decorating your kids’ playroom.

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Make it practical 

Let’s get the boring tips out of the way right up front! The playroom needs to be practical, which ultimately means using the space you have wisely. 

If you overfill it with toys your child will not only be overwhelmed, the room is bound to be a mess most of the time which makes play tricky. 

Remember to think about what you can actually fit in the room, and what your child will actually enjoy playing with!

If the room is for more than one child, then have a think about creating zones where each of them can have a place to play with toys they can actually use. 

Also think about what your child will do in the room. If you have the space, it’s great to add a table and some chairs.

Have a cosy corner where your child could curl up and look at a book or do some quieter activities. Stools from places like IKEA can be painted to add a pop of colour, and they won’t take up too much space, to create somewhere your child can sit.

This playroom by Dear Bear and Beany is a beautiful use of space and really perfect for more than one child! Look at how much there is for them to do here!

Playroom ideas
Via Dear Bear and Beany

Make it fun

Have some fun when you’re putting the room together! Think of your child’s favourite movies and cartoons and take inspiration from them. 

Make sure there’s lots of colour and artwork that brings out the personality in the room. Use quirky slogan posters and cute prints!

Get the storage right 

Getting the storage right is especially important when it comes to maximising the space you have. We don’t have limitless amounts of space in any home, so you need to work with what you’ve got. 

Hot Pink Wellingtons made a gorgeous playroom for her kids using shelving and bookcases from Great Little Trading Company. They make beautiful furniture, and while it is a little pricier than most, they make pieces that last! They often have sales on so it’s worth keeping an eye out for this. 

Playroom storage ideas Playroom storage ideas

Katy has chosen cubed shelving, which is fantastic for kids toys! You can use some shelves for books and decor, while others can have cubed boxes in where you dump toys at the end of a busy day of playing. 

Keeping toys stored by category in your playroom can really help with the tidying up at the end of the day, so be sure to have enough space in your storage for all the toys you will have in the room. 

This playroom by Arts Crackers has some fantastic storage that really helps to keep all of the crafts and toys categorised. It looks so neat and tidy!

Playroom storage and organisationPlayroom storage and organisation

Try to do something a little different with the decor! Why not try some Scandi painting on the wall, or personalise it with your child’s initials hanging on the wall. 

Adding personalised touches will make it a really safe and appealing place for your little one, as they will know it’s just for them!

If you really want to personalise the room you could use your child’s artwork to decorate the walls. Check out this DIY kids’ artwork display idea!

Via And Next Comes L

Pick a theme

Why not choose a theme for your playroom? It could be something your child loves like a favourite TV show, or colour.

Your theme could also be something more general such as rainbows or fairytales. Choose colours and wall art that tie the theme together.

This gorgeous jungle reading nook by Arts Crackers is an amazing example of using a theme to make a real impact throughout the room!

Jungle theme playroomJungle theme playroom

You could go really all out like And Next Comes L, who made a Super Mario Bros inspired climbing wall in their children’s playroom! The end result is amazing, and fantastic for sparking children’s natural exploration instincts!

Playroom design inspiration - a Super Mario Bros climbing wallPlayroom design inspiration - a Super Mario Bros climbing wall
Via And Next Comes L

Spark their imagination

Above all things you want the playroom to spark your child’s imagination and give them play prompts.

Whether they are playing independently, with their friends, or with you, the playroom should give them everything they need to have a great time playing.

I love this idea from Dukes and Duchesses for making your very own playhouse for your kids! You can customise the colours and decoration to let your child really put their own stamp on it.

This beautiful playroom by My Mom Friend has fantastic little touches, such as the play kitchen and shop which immediately encourage imaginative play.

The chairs and tables also give the child multiple spots to sit and chill out, or do different activities.

Beautiful playroom inspirationBeautiful playroom inspiration
Via The Mom Friend

This space from Arthur Wears is just so imaginative! I love the use of space with the play table in the centre of the room. This is a focal point for the room, so the kids can do something different in this area every single day whether it’s playing with jelly or shaving foam or doing some painting!

The storage element is brilliant too, with this huge cubed shelving unit where crafts and toys can be kept tidy.

Via Arthur Wears

I hope these ideas have sparked your imagination so you can create a gorgeous space for your little one!

Remember it does not have to be an entire room. Create a corner in the dining room, or a spot in their bedroom.

Just make it somewhere they can use their imagination and it will be amazing.

Gorgeous playroom ideasGorgeous playroom ideas