IKEA spice rack shelf transformed into nursery ornaments shelf

Looking for genius IKEA nursery ideas to make your baby’s bedroom both practical and beautiful?

When it comes to designing your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to maximise space because those tiny babies come with a whole lot of stuff for some reason. 

While IKEA has a specific range of products it recommends for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, you’ll also find inspiration from other rooms in the IKEA catalogue. 

By getting a bit creative with shelves, boxes and baskets, you can create a gorgeous nursery that keeps everything organised for you and your baby. 

From a nappy changing station, to toy storage and clothes storage, here are some fantastic IKEA nursery ideas. 

Before we get to it, don’t forget to check out my post about my own children’s pastel bedrooms which has loads of images to inspire you.

IKEA nursery hacks

When it comes to your baby’s nursery, there’s not really anything that you can’t use IKEA products to help you organise baby’s things!

There are some gorgeous images in this post showing how fellow mamas have hacked IKEA products to keep their baby things pretty and organised.

But before we get to that, here’s an idea of the type of products you can use to store key baby items.

  • Baby toys – Use shelving units which come with matching boxes and containers that fit the spaces perfectly. The IKEA Kallax range – which features square shelves – is brilliant for baby toys. You can get it in smaller versions with four shelves or huge units that can fill an entire wall.
  • Clothes – Drawer units are best for baby clothes, as hanging them up is just a bit of a waste of space in a wardrobe. Store your baby clothes upright so that they are easy to find. There are tips on using the KonMari folding method to keep baby clothes neat on this post.
  • Books – The IKEA Kallax is also brilliant for storing books. But you can be clever by using other types of shelves for books, such as the IKEA spice rack shelves. There are some fab uses of them in the pictures below.
  • Baby changing – You don’t have to buy a specific baby changing unit. Simply adapt the top of a chest of drawers from IKEA. Place a changing mat with raised sides on the top to prevent baby rolling off. Then to store baby changing toiletries such as wipes and cream you can pop a shelf on the wall next to it.
  • Sentimental baby items – Use pretty boxes with lids to keep sentimental items such as your baby’s hospital cuffs safe.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these IKEA nursery ideas:

IKEA nursery ideasIKEA nursery ideas

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IKEA nappy changing station

You’ll be using the nappy changing station every single day, multiple times a day, so it needs to be well stocked, conveniently close to the actual changing mat and be easy to keep organised. 

Depending on the kind of space you have in your baby’s room, you can put together something that is both practical and so organised it would make Marie Kondo proud. 

Raskog trolley diaper station

I love this idea from Wendy Correen to use the Raskog trolley as a changing cart. Use one shelf for nappies, another for moisturisers and creams and another for wipes. You could also pop spare changes of clothes on there for all of the inevitable nappy leaks!

IKEA Raskog diaper stationIKEA Raskog diaper station

The Raskog holds loads of stuff, so you won’t have to restock it every single day. You can also add small pots to the side of the cart, where you could pop nappy cream, hair brushes and nail clippers. 

Because the Raskog is on wheels, you can change location quickly as and when you need it. 

Drawer unit changing table

Take this classic drawer unit and pop a changing mat on top, and you’ve got yourself a changing table plus loads of handy storage!

Save the top drawer for the essential changing items such as nappies, wipes, and cream.

Then keep clothes in the remaining areas so that you always have a spare set of clothes handy for those nappy explosions!


If you don’t have space for an entire unit such as the trolley, I highly recommend one of the many boxes and basket IKEA has to offer. 

IKEA Risatorp metal basket for diapers and wipes - nursery hacksIKEA Risatorp metal basket for diapers and wipes - nursery hacks

You could try this roomy box, which has handles and is extremely sturdy. The white colour means it will look neat in any room. The VARIERA basket comes in various sizes and looks great against any theme.

And I just love this RISATORP metal basket with the handle, it comes in a few different colours but this pretty pale green is gorgeous. 

The handle means you can carry it from room-to-room depending on where you are in the house with your baby.

Spice rack shelf

If you are really tight on space, pick up one or two of the IKEA BEKVAM spice rack shelves. Put it on the wall right next to your changing mat and pop nappies, cream and wipes in there, handy for when you need to grab them. 

Toy storage 

IKEA is full of amazing options for toy storage. You could try a wicker basket, one of their lovely box units or get creative with the IKEA Kallax. 

Kallax toy storage ideas

The KALLAX range comes in lots of different configurations. You could buy just one unit, or buy several and get creative with how you fit them together. 

Use the colourful storage boxes that fit onto the Kallax shelves to keep toys organised in categories. You can also use some of the Kallax shelves just to display pictures or stuffed toys. 

I love the idea of adding a cushion seat to the top of a Kallax unit so that when your child is older they can climb on top and use it as a bench. There are various creators on Etsy who sell this kind of thing, or you can have a go at trying to do it yourself with this tutorial from Kate Decorates. 

Pull out tray 

I spotted this idea in a branch of IKEA and was blown away. So simple and cheap but so many potential uses!

Get an IVAR shelf, 83x50cm, then add RILL castors to the bottom of the shelf so that it’s on wheels.

What you end up with is a low tray on wheels that you can hide under a sofa or cot. You could put puzzles, toys, changing station supplies or anything else you need handy but tucked away neatly. 

Such a cheap but very effective way to use space wisely! You could spray paint the shelf a pretty colour, or simple white, if you want to make it look even nicer. 

IKEA Trofast toy storage

The TROFAST has many uses, but it’s great as a place to store medium and small toys.

IKEA Trofast toy storage IKEA Trofast toy storage

Book storage 

You’ll collect books like mad during the early years with a baby, so plenty of storage is a must. 

You can use one of IKEA’s large book shelves, or go for something a little smaller, or more creative. 


This cute little Flisat unit will hold books at your child’s level so they can pick out what they want, once they’re big enough to crawl. It’s easy to customise in a colour of your choice too with simple spray paint. 

IKEA Flisat book storage for baby nurseryIKEA Flisat book storage for baby nursery

Picture shelf

Picture display shelves don’t have to hold pictures! Use several of these picture shelves and line them up low to the ground so that your child can pick out the books themselves when they’re a little older. Try the Mosslanda picture shelves.

Coffee table hack

Take a simple IKEA coffee table and transform it into something beautiful and practical like this mama did!

Bamboo box 

Turn this bamboo storage box, called the BULLIG, into a cute book bin with legs with this handy tutorial. 

Clothes storage 

Baby clothes are tiny, and yet you may find you accumulate rather a lot of them thanks to generous gifts from friends and family. 

Some items you may want to put on show, as they actually make beautiful decorations for the baby’s room, however when it comes to storing clothes follow the KonMari method of folding and find some handy drawers or boxes to keep everything stored in categories. 

IKEA Trofast with drawers

These small drawers that slot into the TROFAST unit are ideal for baby clothes.

The SKUBB boxes are great for separating everything out and keep drawers tidy.

Spice rack shelves

If you turn the shelves upside down then you get a shelf to pop decorative items on and a railing to hang the cute baby clothes up!

This gorgeous neutral nursery was styled by Winter Daisy. I just love how she’s used the spice rack shelves for books and for clothes!

IKEA nursery hacks IKEA nursery hacks

Colourful hooks

Dot colourful hooks around the room to hang toys, storage baskets and pretty clothes. These LOSJON hangers are ideal.

Nursing chair

The Poang chair from IKEA is perfect as a nursing chair! It’s comfortable and goes well with any colour scheme

Did your eyes water at the sight of the cost of actual nursing chairs? Do not reach for your credit card until you have checked out the IKEA Poang chair!

It’s so comfortable, comes in various fabric colours so it can match your nursery colour scheme and it’s such great value!

The Poang is also a great size, and you can transfer it to your living room or elsewhere in the house when you no longer need it in the baby’s room. It works in any room!


You can add some gorgeous touches to the room without breaking the bank.

Try getting some picture frames and popping in your baby’s first hand and footprint using some child-friendly finger-paint and card.

IKEA spice racks nursery hackIKEA spice racks nursery hack

You can also use these lovely spice racks to create shelves for treasured items and pictures.

When it comes to versatility, the IKEA FINTORP range is pretty impressive. You can get a range of baskets and buckets to hang on this minimalist railing which you can use for pictures, pens, pencils, nappies or keepsakes.

I hope you’ve found these IKEA nursery ideas useful, which one was your favourite?



genius IKEA nursery ideasgenius IKEA nursery ideas
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