Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting things to do while you’re pregnant and waiting for the little one to arrive. 

Preparing the bedroom for your newborn baby makes it all seem so real, and let’s face it, baby stuff is just adorable! 

I remember when I decorated my first baby’s bedroom how I would just sit in there for hours staring at the walls and pictures we had hung up and reorganising her clothes ready for her to arrive. 

Whether you’ve decided to find out your baby’s gender, or if you just want to go for a neutral theme rather than blast the nursery with blues or pinks, there are so many gorgeous neutral themes out there to choose from!

These are my absolute fave ones, and you can really have fun with them and personalise them however you would like to. 

Check out these ideas, and let me know what you think!

Before reading on, please check out my post about my toddler’s bedroom for inspiration for a toddler girl bedroom, plus some free posters for download!

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Jungle and animals

Your little explorer will love this theme!

Look for wall stickers, which are a fantastically inexpensive way of adding personality to a child’s bedroom. There are so many different types out there, and you can go as big and crazy, or as small and subtle as you want. 

Wall stickers also mean you can paint the wall whatever colour you want, then add the splashes of colour with the stickers. We went for a nice, warm white shade with my first girl’s bedroom.

In our new house, my youngest has a soft lilac in her bedroom which actually is subtle enough for a boy or a girl. A pale green could work really well for this theme to give that jungle feel. 

Look for animal fitted sheets, blankets and muslins to carry the theme throughout the bedroom. 

If your baby gets any toys that are animals, display them on shelves in the bedroom. Arrange them in a way that “sparks joy”, to steal a term from Marie Kondo. 


You might think grey isn’t a particularly exciting prospect for a baby’s room, but  use it wisely and you can create a beautiful bedroom. 

Opt for softer shades of greys, with the odd dark splash, to bring it all together. 

Pick out bright pops of colour to make it fun. 


To make this theme really striking, pick one or two signature colours and use these in your chevron decor throughout the room. Painting a chevron on your wall can be a little complicated, but you can also get wall stickers or wallpaper to get the effect. 

There are lots of chevron bed sheets, blankets and decorations to be found in the shops, just seek them out wherever you can to make your chevron theme really stand out. 

Some of the colour combinations that work really well for chevron include black and white, yellow and grey, and aqua and white. 


The Scandinavian theme combines minimalism with style and function. Key colours include clean crisp hues of light wood tones, greens and blues, and off-white. 

Look for Scandi prints featuring simple mountains and trees. Bears and foxes also tie in nicely with the Scandi theme. 

I love this theme for how simple, yet elegant it looks, plus its cute without being too babyish, so when your baby becomes a toddler you won’t need to change it too much. It’s a classic!


Perfect for fans for the beach! You can either focus on boats and sailing with images of anchors, boats and seashells, or you could go beneath the waves and have sea creatures decorating the walls and bedding. 

Add special dimensions to the decor by searching for seashells the next time you’re at the beach and display them on decorative shells.


Rocket your baby’s imagination into orbit with a cool space theme. Get planet wall stickers and glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling.

These will be a gorgeous addition for your baby to gaze at when they’re in bed (hopefully asleep).

Don’t forget to add a cot mobile with rockets on too!


This is one of my absolute favourite baby nursery themes. Add rainbow brights to every part of the room.

You may want to paint the walls white just to keep things a little toned back and let the colours pop. Look for rainbow wall stickers, bunting in rainbow colours and rainbow bedding.

Add an extra dimension to the theme by picking out wooden toys made in rainbow colours too.

Adorable gender neutral nursery ideas for your baby