Hatch a love for reading with Eggy Words 250!

Eggy Words 250 is all about helping your child (age 3+) to learn sight words, which are essential for learning to read fluently.

What are sight words we hear you ask? They are the words that readers should know ‘at sight’, words like he, the, was and where. And they are so important because they make up a huge proportion of the books and other texts we read.

Knowing these sight words means that your child can focus on the best parts of being able to read – understanding and enjoying the story!

Egg Words 250 sight words app

Eggy Words 250 introduces your child to the first 250 sight words in a fun and playful way. The team behind the app have more that 25 years of experience in early childhood education, so they know what they are doing.

The app engages your budding bookworms and aims to lock those sight words into their memories by employing a game format and invoking their different senses.

Each level of Eggy Words 250 involves 25 sight words and children need to identify the correct word amongst other words and distracters. When they spot the correct word, they swipe it with their finger and then they will also hear it said aloud.

Egg Words 250 sight words app

It’s all about making learning fun! And that sure is egg-cellent in our books.

Available for download on iTunes for iPhones ($2.99) and Google Play for Android ($2.49).

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