Where’s the best place to be at Christmas? At home, in the kitchen, with a glass of prosecco! These are the Olive Tapenade Puffs, which I absolutely loved!

As a busy mum of two I am always on the look out for hacks and a helping hand to make my life easier.

So when I was offered the chance to put Gousto to the ultimate test – serving up a delicious festive feast – I was thrilled. To be honest, it helped that I would be cooking up a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings, my absolute fave thing about Christmas.

Gousto boxes come with all of the ingredients measured out and recipe cards to guide you to a taste sensation!

Of course I had heard of meal box services such as Gousto before, but I had never tried them and didn’t realise how much they can benefit families such as ours. 

You see, I’ve always loved cooking, but the last few years have been all about raising babies, and sleeping whenever I can!

As a result creativity has gone out of the window, and we’ve been on meat and two veg or takeaways for the best part of four years. 

I used to enjoy experimenting with new recipes but I’ve just been lacking the inspiration in recent years. 

I had assumed using Gousto would mean there wouldn’t be much cooking to do – I thought things would be pre-assembled for some reason! How wrong I was. 

Gousto is ALL about home-cooked meals. Where it helps you is with delicious meal inspiration, measuring out all of the ingredients and delivering them fresh and ready to cook to your door. All you need to do is follow the recipe and enjoy!

Some of the ingredients that arrived in our Gousto box

How does Gousto work?

Gousto’s website is easy to navigate. Simply tell it how many people you are cooking for, when you want it to be delivered and then you will be presented with a range of tasty meal options. 

These are divided up into sub-categories such as Festive Flavours, World Food, Healthy Choices and  (the life-saving) 10-Min Meals. 

There is information to help you make your choice, such as how long the meals take to cook, as well as shelf life from when the box is delivered to your door. Allergy information, a full list of ingredients and the nutritional info is also there to help you make the right, and tastiest, decision for your family. 

Once you have selected your meal, simply check out and that’s it! 

Gousto has more than 20 meals for you to choose from each week. The variety is fantastic!

You can subscribe for regular boxes, or opt for a one-off. It’s up to you!

What Gousto meals did I cook?

It’s Christmas, so of course I indulged in a festive feast! 

It was a tough choice, as everything looks so appetising!

In the end I picked a box featuring dishes from the Festive Flavours section, which has decadent recipes such as Salmon and Saffron Pie to take your festive entertaining up a notch. 

Beautiful, fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep in exactly the right quantities.

These included Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings and Swedish Pork Chop with roast potatoes and green beans, which are main courses, and Olive Tapenade Puffs and Yakitori Chicken Skewers, which come from the festive finger foods section. 

The roast potatoes were amazing! Look at the colour!

The box comes delivered to your door, with fresh meat wrapped in a cool bag with ice packs and small ingredients such as herbs, oils and berries measured out and wrapped separately.

The Swedish pork chop with roast potatoes features the most delicious sauce

All of the ingredients are clearly labelled, so you can simply follow the recipe once you’re ready to eat!

The recipe cards are so clear and very easy to follow

The recipe cards that are delivered inside the box are extremely easy to follow and beautifully laid out. 

What did I think of the results?

I was seriously impressed by the quality of the results. I wish I could take credit for it all with my expert chef skills, but honestly Gousto was holding my hand all of the way!

Once I had separated out all of the ingredients I needed for each dish, I could simply follow the recipe and enjoy the process of cooking (with a glass of wine to hep me along the way, it is Christmas after all). 

The turkey dinner was superb. From the selection of veg – parsnips, sprouts and carrots – to the succulent turkey wrapped in bacon, all of us enjoyed every single bite. 

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, including an amazing gravy! All ready in less than an hour.
This is the face of a very happy, and hungry, mama!

I was particularly bowled over by the Olive Tapenade Puffs, which were simple to make but really packed a punch with flavour! They are absolutely perfect for any dinner party where you want to impress and treat your guests! Same goes for the Yakitori Chicken Skewers, which really have the wow factor when served. 

Olive Tapenade Puffs. These will add a real wow-factor to any festive party

If you’re wondering whether Gousto is for grown-ups only, the answer is no way! The kids adored their turkey dinner, and gobbled down the pork and green beans with great enthusiasm. There is a whole section of family favourites on the website to help you pick out the perfect meal for your family. 

Would I try Gousto again?

I absolutely would not hesitate to use Gousto again. 

The quality of ingredients was absolutely fantastic. All of the herbs were fresh and smelled incredible. The vegetables had been carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I often prefer to physically pick these kind of things out myself, but I couldn’t have selected better produce myself. 

Gousto places a lot of emphasis on recycling and the environment, which I was particularly pleased about. 

Gousto is all about home-cooked meals – it offers you inspiration and then provides everything you need to create a delicious meal for the family.

You are sent precise ingredients – so there will be less or no food waste – and nearly all of the packaging is reusable or recyclable. Everything is clearly labelled where it can be reused or recycled, which I think is a fantastic message to be spreading. 

But for me, it’s the inspiration and convenience of Gousto that makes it such a fantastic service. 

I loved browsing through the recipes, which featured the perfect balance of something a bit different and familiar food that all the family will enjoy. The fact that it then arrives all measured out and ready to be cooked is just the very best gift this busy mama could get for Christmas!

If you are looking for festive meal inspiration to make your Christmas and New Year go off with a bang, you have to put Gousto to the taste test. You won’t be disappointed!

If you fancy trying Gousto for yourself, you can get 60% off your first box by following my link. Alternatively enter VICKY60M at the checkout.

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.