Valentine’s Day is the absolute perfect occasion to draw inspiration for some crafts with your toddler.

I say this as someone who is absolutely dreadful at arts and crafts. I do it because I love my toddler, and she loves being creative, and it gives us something to do together.

However I like to go easy on myself, why overcomplicate things after all? So I have picked out my favourite easy Valentine crafts.

What I love about this theme is hearts are really pretty and there’s so many things you can do with the shape. Cut them out and stick them, colour them, paint them, whatever you can think of.

Here are the ones we have been trying out at home:

10 easy Valentine's crafts for toddlers 10 easy Valentine's crafts for toddlers

1. Tissue paper hearts

Get a piece of red card and cut out some heart shapes. Then give your toddler some tissue paper. You can either let them pick the colours or go for Valentine-inspired reds and pinks.

Then show your toddler how to rip the tissue paper up and scrunch it into balls.

Next I got some glue (I used a child-friendly red glitter Pritt stick which is fab for this) and applied it all over one side of the heart. Then I just let her go nuts with sticking the paper to the heart. She loved it and the results can be turned into hanging decorations or stuck to cards to be given to relatives.

2. Heart biscuits

I made star biscuits for my baby’s first birthday party. The recipe is easy to follow and my toddler loves helping to cut out the biscuits from the dough and icing the cooked biscuits.

Simply buy a heart-shaped cookie cutter and follow my recipe here.

3. Melted crayon hearts – with free printable card

This is such a brilliant activity to use up broken bits of crayon that your child can’t grip and use anymore. Get your crayon pieces and if they’re a bit chunky still chop them a bit smaller with a knife or let your toddler snap them up into pieces with their hands.

Next work with your toddler to fill a love hearts silicone baking mould with the pieces of crayon. What’s great about this though is you can use any shapes you want. My mould also has star and circle shapes.

Next pop the mould on a baking tray and then put it in a pre-heated oven at 200C. Leave it for five minutes and check on how it’s doing. It should take no more than 10 minutes for the crayon pieces to melt.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool. Then simply pop the crayon hearts out of the silicon mould.

You can either tie ribbon around them and hang them as a Valentine’s decoration or stick them on cardboard and create your own 3D card for a loved one.

For a FREE printable blank card to use for this craft, simply subscribe to my mailing list and get access to my library of free printables.

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4. Celery stamp flower painting

This one is so very clever! Get a whole celery, chop off the stalks so you’re just left with the root, then dip it in paint and use it to make flower-shaped prints on paper. Such a fab, cheap and imaginative way to encourage your toddler to enjoy art.

5. Heart shaped hand and finger painting

There are a variety of ways to do this. I got my heart-shaped hole punch and made some small hearts. I then stuck these to a piece of card using blu-tac and got my toddler to paint around them with her fingers. When it was dry I lifted the hearts off and we had a gorgeous picture.

Valentine's heart finger painting craft activity for toddlersValentine's heart finger painting craft activity for toddlers

You can also get your toddler to do finger prints on a large cutout of a heart and then write a message on the other side to send as a Valentine to a relative.

6. Toilet paper roll heart stamp

The simplest of the lot! Get an empty loo roll, bend and fold it into a heart shape and then get your toddler to use it as a heart stamp on some paper or card.

7. Handprint love you poster – with free printable

I’ve made a free love you poster to use for this one! Simply print it off onto a piece of thin card then get your child to make handprints around the “love you” message. You could frame this and give it to your other half as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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8. Valentine’s suncatcher

I purchased a sheet of acetate and some sticker gems. I then cut out a heart shape and let my toddler stick the gems wherever she wanted. I punched a hole at the top of the heart and threaded a ribbon through so it could hang by the window. You could also use pieces of ripped up tissue paper and stick them on the acetate.

Alternatively you could cut out a cardboard frame to go around the acetate shape and get your toddler to stick tissue paper on it as a bonus activity.

9. Valentine’s Day playdough

Use my really easy homemade playdough recipe here with pink or red food colouring. Then encourage your toddler to make heart shapes with her hands or using a cookie cutter.

10. Footprints in heart

Get a piece of card and draw a large heart shape. Get your toddler’s feet, one at a time, and dip them in red or pink paint then place them in the heart to make a print that fits inside the shape.

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