These easy Mother’s Day card craft ideas will help you kill two birds with one stone – entertain your toddler for an hour and make the perfect Mother’s Day card!

These card ideas are perfect for grandmothers and mothers, and the supplies are so easy to find!

I’ve said before, I am no crafty mama! I do it because my kids enjoy it, not because I have an artistic flair. These cards pictured were made by my kids with minimal supervision. I just tried my best to keep the paint from splattering on the walls.

Everything used for these cards can be found on Amazon. I’ll link to some of the products I used here (please note, this post contains affiliate links, that means I get a small commission from any sales but it doesn’t cost you a penny more).

Here are a few ideas suitable for two to four year olds. Let’s start with a list of things you will need:

Pom poms

Blank cards

Colourful card

Lolly sticks

Toddler-friendly pens

Toddler-friendly paint

Celery heart prints

You’ll need to raid the fridge for this one! Simply get some celery (whole) and chop it about two inches above the root end.

The resulting shape is perfect for making flower prints!

Mother's Day cards that toddlers can makeMother's Day cards that toddlers can make

Pom pom heart

Get a piece of card, or a blank card from a pack, and draw a heart in the middle. Let your toddler stick down poms poms inside the heart shape to decorate it. I used Elmer’s glitter glue and squirted some within my heart so that my girls could just place the pom poms on top. I find a glue stick isn’t really sticky enough for these pom poms.

Cut-out handprint flower

Grab some card in any colour your toddler likes. Draw around their hand, or get them to do it, then cut out the handprint. You can either use a painted lolly stick for the flower stalk or paint/draw one on. We’ve stuck some pom poms on the ends of the fingers for a bit of extra colour! The girls really enjoyed doing this one.

Finger paint heart

Cut out a heart shape from a piece of colourful card. Get your toddler to finger paint on the card, creating whatever pretty patterns they want to!

Stick the heart to one of the blank cards and write a lovely message on the front.

Handprint flower

Either paint your child’s hand, or get them to press their hand onto a plate covered with a good layer of paint. Then pop a handprint in the centre of the front of a blank card.

If your child is up to it, get them to draw the stalk for the flower and grass, otherwise you could finish it for them.

Tissue paper heart 

Pre-schoolers can cut their own card hearts out with child-safe craft scissors. Then use tissue paper, glitter or anything else you have to decorate the heart. Stick it to a card and voila!

If all else fails, stickers!

You can get some lovely flower and heart stickers and just let your toddler arrange them however they want on the card. This is something fun and easy for them to do without too much supervision, plus it’s not messy!

This post contains affiliate links.

Easy Mother's Day card ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolersEasy Mother's Day card ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolers
Easy Mother's Day card craft ideas for toddlers to make Easy Mother's Day card craft ideas for toddlers to make
easy Mother's Day cards toddlers can makeeasy Mother's Day cards toddlers can make
Easy toddler Mother's Day card craft Easy toddler Mother's Day card craft