Ever noticed that you’re being watched? Kids are natural mimics and whether we know it or not, they’re watching us as intently as an episode of Dora, collecting  little pieces of us to add to their unique personalities.

We took our new Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1 camera on an adventure to find the pieces of us in the collage that is our kids.

Like me, like Mum: WorkLike me, like Mum: TreasuresLike me, like Mum: FuelLike me, like Mum: BooksLike me, like Mum: musicLike me, like Mum: ShoesLike me, like mum: UsInspired? Take your own “mini me” photos and upload them to our Facebook page or share on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram using the hashtag #likemelikemum or #likemelikedad. You can use an app like Diptic to easily create side-by-side images.

We used the new Olympus PEN Mini camera for this project. The Mini offers an SLR quality camera and full HD video recorder in a lightweight, ultra compact package.

You’ll be amazed at the professional photos you can produce with this cute and convenient camera stashed in your bag or pocket, especially when you’ve used one of the six pre-programmed Art Filters to give your images that added bit of creativity.

As you can see, we loved the results! Find out more about the Olympus E-PM1 camera here.


(This is a sponsored post)