Wondering how to create some Christmas magic for your baby with fun festive activities?

There’s so much inspiration to take from Christmas to give your baby stimulating things to do. 

The great thing about creating Christmassy activities for your baby is that you don’t have to buy much, if anything, new to get started. 

Most of what you need will be in your gift wrapping box, decorations box or in the woods. 

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Sensory exploration

Grab a box, a basket or just pop it all on the floor. Find a variety of items that are associated with Christmas and explore them with your baby. 

Encourage your baby to pick them up and feel the items, but try to discourage them from putting anything dangerous in their mouth!

You could include things such as pine cones, which you can find on a winter walk in the woods, stars, baubles, Christmas tree decorations, tinsel and anything in Christmassy colours. 

Talk to your baby about all of the items, as the more you speak to them the more you are helping to develop their language. 

You could try this Christmas sensory bin from Fun With Mama. 

Jingle bells

If you have some bells then great, otherwise you can pick some bells up very cheap online or at your local toy shop. 

Shake the bells to create a rhythm or put on some Christmas music and rattle the bells along in time to the music. Your baby will be fascinated by the noises. 

Underneath the Christmas tree

Christmas activities for babiesChristmas activities for babies

Is your Christmas tree up? It’s going to be totally fascinating to your baby. 

Turn the lights down low in the room where your tree is and then get the Christmas lights on. Get a blanket and lay your baby down underneath the tree, so that they can stare up at the tree and gaze at the lights and decorations. 

Put some Christmas music on too to make it a really chilled out play time. 

Crunching Christmas paper

Not sure what to do with all those little corners and squares of Christmas paper that just aren’t quite big enough to wrap anything?

Scrunch them into balls, shapes or just leave them as they are and give them to your baby to explore. They will love the sounds, textures and colours. 

You could also wrap up some of their toys and show them how to rip them open for a bit of extra fun. 

Festive dressing up

Get a Christmas hat, or a festive onesie, and get them dressed up. Then watch a Christmas movie together or dance around the room singing to Christmas songs. 

With babies you don’t have to go all out, they’re just happy to have some attention from you and to try something new!

Read a Christmas story 

There are lots of lovely Christmas stories out there, so why not pick up a new book to read to your baby during the festive period. 

Maybe you have one from your childhood that you remember. A noisy book is a great option, as it adds another dimension to reading the story and brings it to life. 

Christmas lights

Grab some battery-powered Christmas lights, switch them on and pop them into a plastic bottle then put the lid on tight. Your baby will love poking at the bottle and shaking it around while the lights are on. 

You could also get a plug-in set of lights and lay them out on the floor and pop your baby down there with a blanket. You could get a muslin or thin cloth and cover the lights, then uncover them, which will fascinate your baby as they see them disappear and then reappear. 

If you do this, remember to remain at your baby’s side at all times when they are playing. 

Tummy time festive play

Add some festive fun to your baby’s tummy time by giving them a board with Christmassy items stuck to it. 

You could use thick card and simply stick some Christmassy wrapping tape, bows and a furry Christmas hat to it using tape. Your baby can then have fun feeling all of the different items, which will hopefully mean a tummy time with no tears! 

Sensory baubles

These sensory baubles from Growing Hands On Kids are adorable! You can buy baubles that you can fill yourself online and pop anything in there that you like! Your baby will love touching and shaking them. 

This is another great activity for encouraging tummy time. 

Make baby-friendly Christmas treats

Watermelon Christmas tree treats for babies and toddlersWatermelon Christmas tree treats for babies and toddlers

Of course you don’t want to overload your baby with sugar. But if you are weaning your baby, you could try to add some festive flavour to a snack for them. 

There are some adorable baby Christmas snacks over on this post, including fruit shaped as Christmas trees and banana snowmen!

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Easy Christmas activities for babiesEasy Christmas activities for babies