We were gifted these items in exchange for this post.

Is anyone else’s kids completely obsessed by Baby Shark?

My two sing it constantly, and demand to watch the music video too.

I’m amazed by how many different versions there are of the Baby Shark songs! There’s Halloween Baby Shark, Christmas Baby Shark and double the speed Baby Shark. 

There’s a Baby Shark for every holiday. It’s unsurprising there are so many versions of Baby Shark, considering the original song has more than 3.3billion views online!

And now you can have a Baby Shark-themed Easter!

We were sent an Easter basket of Baby Shark goodies including cut-out accessories for putting together an Easter egg hunt. 

The best part was the Baby Shark plush puppet and sound cubes, which the kids were so excited about. 

The toys provided a brilliant sound track for our Easter egg hunt!

The cute blue shark puppet from WowWee sings the Baby Shark song when you open and close the puppet’s mouth. If you open and close the mouth faster then the song speeds up. Slow down the movement and the song slows down too. 

This is a really brilliant feature that the kids loved having fun with. The song it plays is the original English Baby Shark song so it’s really perfect for Baby Shark fans. 

The Baby Shark sound cubes also play the popular tune when they are squeezed. We received a Baby Shark, Mummy Shark and Daddy Shark to play with, which the kids really love. 

The Baby Shark puppet with tempo control is suitable for ages three and upwards, and costs £20 from Argos.

The cubes cost £5.99 each from Smyths and are also suitable for ages three and upwards. 

These are must-have toys for little fans of Baby Shark. 

Free Baby Shark Easter egg hunt printables 

Using the Baby Shark cut-out arrows and masks, we had fun searching for chocolate eggs in the garden. 

The kids used the Baby Shark singing puppet to hunt down their Easter eggs, and the arrows gave them clues about where to look. 

You can download your own free set of printable Baby Shark Easter egg hunt, including a colouring sheet with cute images from the Baby Shark video, from this website. 

So if you’re looking for something to do at home with the kids over the Easter period, I thoroughly recommend a Baby Shark-themed egg hunt!