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Expecting a baby in 2020 and wondering what names will be big in the new decade?

These are the best baby name trends for 2020, from colours to popular culture!

We’re still drawing lots of inspiration from the big TV shows in the New Year, including Netflix’s The Crown. That means there’s lots of crossover between the inspiration drawn from our royal family and what we watch on TV!

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While some modern names still feature in the trends, new parents are also set to continue the trend of reviving classic names that dropped out of the baby name charts years ago. 

50+ baby names for 202050+ baby names for 2020

Here are the top baby name trends for 2020, with 50+ baby names that are set to be big in the New Year. 


Vintage baby names have had a real surge in popularity in recent years and that trend is not going anywhere!

TV shows such as Game of Thrones, The Crown and Outlander have led to names from years gone by coming back with a vengeance!

Check out these cute vintage baby names: 

Ada – This name can also be spelt Adah. It means “nobility”. 

Margot – A beautiful name meaning “pearl”. It is a variant of the Greek name Margeret and French name Margo. 

Pearl – A perfect baby name for a June baby, as pearl is the birthstone for June. The name is inspired by the word pearl, the precious stone used widely to make jewellery!

Evelyn – This is a gorgeous and feminine name. The original meaning is “wished for child”. 

Stella – The name Stella comes from the word “star”. 

Lilian – The name comes from the Latin word lily, which is a beautiful and feminine flower. 

Ayla – This name comes from the Turkish word meaning halo or moonlight. This also works as a celestial name!

Acacius – The meaning of the name is “not evil” in Greek. It’s a rare name, so a good choice if you’re looking for something different for a boy!

Grayson – The name means son of the grey-haired one. It’s an old English name so very traditional but has really grown in popularity recently!

Lucius – From the Latin word meaning “light”. The name has grown in popularity in modern times since the Harry Potter books and the Lucius Malfoy character everyone loves to hate!

Arthur – A royal name meaning noble and courageous. 

Jasper – A Persian name meaning “bringer of treasure”. 


The royal family has been influencing the baby name charts for years! 

It’s been rumoured that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are keen to expand their brood in 2020, so expect whatever name they pick for baby Archie’s sibling to be big on the name charts. 

Thanks to the success of the hit show The Crown, older royal family names are now making a comeback. 

Archie – Meaning genuine, bold or brave. It’s shot up in popularity since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their firstborn Archie. 

Albert – Of old German origin meaning noble, bright or famous. 

Edward – The meaning of this classic name is wealth and fortune. The most famous recent Edward was the vampire in the Twilight series!

George – Another recent royal baby name used by William and Kate. It means farmer. 

Frederick – Meaning peaceful ruler. Can be shortened to Fred or Freddie. 

Louis – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third baby is called Louis. The meaning of the name is French warrior. 

Diana – Diana is not only the name of the much-loved late Princess of Wales but also the name of Wonder Woman. It’s a strong but feminine name meaning divine. 

Margaret – meaning pearl, Margaret is having a resurgence thanks to the popularity of The Crown. 

Elizabeth – a classic that can be shortened in many ways such as Liz, Lizzie and Beth. 

Meghan – The name is a form of Margaret, meaning pearl. 


While colours have been a huge inspiration for baby names for years, the trend over the last few years has been more towards bold shades. 

Names such as Ruby and Blue have been big news, but the new trend for colours is towards muted and pastel shades! Check out these beautiful colour-inspired baby names for 2020: 

Lilac – From the Persian word meaning bluish or lilac. This is a lovely and delicate name.

Ivory – Meaning white, this is a regal and pure name.

Sage – From the Latin word meaning wise. The name works for both boys and girls.

Violet – A flower and also meaning love, modesty, virtue, affection and faithfulness. The name is perfect for fans of the colour purple. This name has also been used by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for one of their daughters.

Olive – A gorgeous shade of pale green! The word comes from English origin meaning olive tree, which is a symbol of peace.

Moss – Another green! This could be a boy or girl’s name, and makes a great first or middle name. The name has Biblical connections, meaning “descendant of Moses”.

Ash – Meaning happy, this is a Hebrew name and also a very pale grey colour.

Fawn – The meaning of the word is young deer.

Gray – If you love the colour why not choose it as a name! You can also spell it grey, although Gray is preferred when using as a name.

Lavender – After the flower and the colour, which is a very pale purple. It comes from the Old French word meaning to wash.

Ocean – This is a very earthy baby name and perfect for parents raising their baby by the sea, or who have a special connection to the ocean.

Popular culture

So many parents take inspiration from their favourite singers or TV shows. Game of Thrones inspired a whole new category of names including Khaleesi.

Here are some beautiful name ideas inspired by popular culture:

Mila – A Slavic name meaning gracious or dear. The name has become popular due to the actress Mila Kunis.

Billie – The popstar Billie Eilish has made this a popular choice for little girls in 2020! It means determination and strength.

Adele – A feminine name meaning nobility. A wonderful choice for fans of the incredible singer Adele.

Maisie – Since Game of Thrones parents have not only taken inspiration from the characters but also the stars such as Maisie Williams. The name is of Scottish origins meaning Pearl.

Drake – The name means dragon or male duck. It’s English in origin but famous in popular culture due to the singer Drake.

Arya – This name means noble and was a strong, brave character from the show Game of Thrones.

Elsa – This is a great choice for fans of Frozen! The name means joyful or noble.

Baby name ideas for 2020Baby name ideas for 2020

Surnames as names

This trend has been around for a few years but it’s set to get even bigger this year!

Check out these great baby surname as first name ideas:

Lincoln – An English name but made most famous by the American President Abraham Lincoln. Can be shortened to Link.

Miller – A name of English origin meaning grinder of grain.

Carter – The name Carter means “one of transports goods”. It’s a simple name but works really well as a baby name.

Hendrix – One of fans of rock star Jimi! The name stems from the name Henry which means ruler or power.

Hunter – The name means to hunt. A strong but simple boy’s name.

Penn – Meaning enclosure or hill. It’s short but sweet!

Sawyer – An English name meaning woodcutter.

Avery – A beautiful unisex name meaning Elf King.

Cassidy – The name has Irish roots and means clever.

Emerson – This name means brave and powerful.

Huxley – An Old English name meaning meadow. Can be shortened to Hux.

Lawson – A classic English surname. It makes a strong but unique first name.


Dreamy celestial names have been on the rise and will be big news again in 2020!

Luna has been made popular by the Harry Potter books, and will stay in the top charts, but expect new additions too: 

Luna – The meaning of this pretty girl’s name is moon.

Nova – An unusual and unique boy or girl’s name. It means new.

Aura – Meaning wind or breath. It’s used to describe the atmosphere surrounding a person, so is popular in astrology.

Apollo – Apollo was a Greek god of sun and light.

Aurora – Meaning dawn. A very feminine and not too widely used name.

I hope you found some baby name inspiration from here! Which name is your favourite?

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