We don’t know about you, but we’re always giving our bulky beige vapouriser the evil side-eye because we resent how ugly it is. Well tremble in your boots ugly vapouriser, because there’s a new kid in town, and this kid is fabulous! The Aroma-Bloom Ultrasonic Diffuser ($99.95) is quite simply gorgeous.

Available in lime, charcoal of fuchsia, this diffuser looks nothing like your bulky and boring old diffuser. We love those curved lines and simple switches, we could easily mistake it for an objet d’art! But, most importantly, it’s not just any vapouriser. The Aroma-Bloom Ultrasonic Diffuser features five different functionalities: diffuser, ionizer, humidifier, air purifier and night lamp.


The diffuser is light-weight, eco-friendly and uses “ultrasonic technologies”: high frequency waves that vibrate through the water, creating a fine mist that is immediately diffused into the atmosphere. The Aroma-Bloom also features an automatic shut off when the water level is low, making it very safe.

The Aroma-Bloom is the perfect way to create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating, or relieve congestion with essential oils. And what’s more, it will do it whilst looking ever-so-pretty.

Available from limetreekids.com.au