Argh. Mornings. They go something like this:

“Eat your breakfast, please. Eat your breakfast. Eat your breakfast. DON’T PUT HONEY ON THE CAT!”

“Get dressed. Get dressed, PLEASE. Get dressed NOW. No, you can’t wear you bathers over the top of your uniform. Please put shoes on, it’s raining. GET DRESSED GET DRESSED WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!”

“Get in the car. Come on, please get in the car. GET IN THE CAR. No, no, you can’t drive. Please stop fighting. YES I will put Frozen on the stereo if you will please JUST GET IN THE CAR.”

This was my life. But not any more, thanks to Morning Kids. We’ve only been using this App for a week, but mornings are so smooth and serene I’m wondering if this App has also replaced my child.

Morning Kids is a digital reward chart that turns your AM routine in to a game: you (the parent) set up a series of tasks that need to be done. Some can be time sensitive (get dressed in 5 minutes, spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth), others are simply jobs that need to be completed. Choose from a range of ready-made tasks or add your own custom jobs. As your child advances through the screens, they are rewarded with fun sounds and stars, leading up to an optional reward after a set number of days, complete with “da da da!” music and a trophy.

It’s an incredibly simple idea but it works so well. Older kids can move through the screens themselves and the results are immediate: it’s amazing how motivating a little bit of music and the “ching! ching! ching!” reward noises can be. And when they get to the “big” reward (for us, it was a special dinner) they are SO proud of themselves!

If you want to get out the door quicker and calmer, this one’s for you.

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