This is a list of amazing free learning resources to download, print and use to educate your child at home. 

Whether you’re home schooling your child long-term or for just a few weeks, you want to do your best to help them keep up with their leaning. 

If home schooling is new to you, then it might feel a little daunting to think of trying to get your child to engage with learning outside of a classroom environment. 

Kids tend to take their teachers a lot more seriously than their parents!

But if you try to make learning fun, you can keep their attention for bursts of time every day. 

Home learning schedule 

Now that you’re embarking on teaching your child at home, it can help to have a little routine in place so that your child knows what to expect each day. 

You could try to copy the structure that your own school has set up, or choose a looser routine that fits around your own day. 

Use a place in the house where everyone can sit comfortably and keep the TV off during learning time. 

Aim to fit in one learning session in the morning and another in the afternoon. Programme in breaks where your kids can do free play and choose what they do. It’s also important to get them outside as much as possible. 

By using the following learning resources you can make those learning sessions fun and engaging. 

As part of my own home learning routine, we will have story time every day as well. My plan is to let the children choose five books and we will sit and read those together. 

For my eldest daughter who is learning to read, we will also have reading practice for her with the books targeted at helping her reading level. 

Free learning resources for primary school and early years children

Free learning resources for young childrenFree learning resources for young children

Here are the learning resources! As explained, all of these are free learning resources, although for some it is only free for one month before you then need to pay for your access. 

However during that free month you can download and save the resources that will work best for you now and in the coming weeks. Make sure you make the most of your free access in these cases!

Twinkl – The team at Twinkl are offering a FREE month of access to all of its learning resources right now! There is an absolute wealth of activity sheets and learning plans available here for all ages. It’s a truly fantastic resource. To get the free month visit and enter code CVDTWINKLHELPS in the offer code space. 

Khan Academy – This offers maths and computing resource material for all ages. It also has daily sample schedules for learning. 

BBC Learning – An old site but it has lots of content there. 

Teach Your Monster to Read – A really fun website to help your little one with their reading. 

Phonics Play – Interactive games and printable resources to help with your child’s phonics learning. 

Red Ted Art – Gorgeous and creative crafts for children. These are wonderful ideas to do to inspire your child’s creative side, because it’s not all about words and numbers. 

The Imagination Tree – Creative arts and crafts for young children! Lots of ideas for things to do at home. 

DK Find Out – Activities and quizzes for children on a huge range of topics including animals, dinosaurs, space and history.

National Geographic Kids – Featuring lots of quizzes and activities for learning about the world around us!

The Kids Should See This – Fab educational videos for children. These would make a good way to break up the day into different types of learning, so you do activity sheets for an hour then watch a video for example.

Paw Print Badges – Featuring free to download challenge packs that are themed on different seasons and events.

Blockly – A wonderful way to teach your child about computer programming.

Scratch – Another computer programming games and activities site.

Crash Course Kids – Fantastic and engaging videos for kids on a range of topics such as science.

Oxford Owl for Home – Brilliant help for parents with phonics and reading.

The Gruffalo website. Who else loves The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson? On this website you can find resources based on the book including puzzles and colouring as well as resources based on the author’s other popular stories.

Amazing free learning resources for home schooling Amazing free learning resources for home schooling