Beautiful British baby names tend to be a perfect mixture of very traditional and trendy modern monikers to call your little one. 

Many British baby name ideas come straight out of the pages of classic novels by authors such as Bronte and Dickens. 

The trend of old-fashioned names remains strong, and sees no sign of declining, which makes British baby girl and boy names a great choice. 

But there are also lots of popular names in the mix when it comes to British name ideas, which makes it a wonderful area to take inspiration from. 

So from Alice to Zara and James to Toby, check out this list of British baby boy and girl names!

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British baby girl name ideas

Alice – Originally from the German name Adalheidis, this name changed from different spellings a number of times before the English coined the name Alice. It means noble. 

Amy – The English variation of the French name Amee. It means beloved. 

Arabella – This name is a great choice is you don’t want to choose one of the top 100 most popular names but are looking for something feminine. The name means yielding to prayer, and Bella is beautiful in Italian. 

Arwen – A Welsh name meaning noble maiden. Arwen was one of the principle characters in Lord of the Rings. 

Audrey – Meaning noble strength. Famous Audreys include Audrey Hepburn. 

Birdie – Meaning bright, famous little bird. 

Blythe – Meaning happy and carefree. This is a great vintage baby name choice. 

Bonnie – A Scottish name meaning beautiful and cheerful. 

Briony – Can also be spelt Bryony. Means to sprout. 

Brook – An English name meaning small stream. Adding an e to the end, making Brooke, has also been a popular way of spelling the name. 

Charlotte – The name means free man. It has French origins from the name Charlot but is now a popular British name. William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, called their third baby Charlotte. 

Cordelia – The name of King Lear’s only sympathetic daughter in the Shakespeare classic. It also means heart and daughter of the sea. 

Crimson – An English name meaning rich, deep red. 

Darcy – A French and Irish name meaning dark one. 

Edith – The name means prosperous in war. It’s the perfect choice if you love vintage baby names. 

Ellie – Descended from the name Eleanor and means bright shining one. 

Emma – Derived from the Germanic word for whole, but a popular English name for hundreds of years. 

Etta – Meaning estate ruler. 

Evaline – The name means wished for child. Can also be spelt Evelyn. 

Gracelyn – A variation on the name Grace. 

Harper – Harper can be a boy or girl name. It means harp player. 

Harriet – Can be shorted to Hattie. The name means home ruler. 

Haven – Meaning a place of safety or refuge. 

Hazel – Taken from the name of the hazelnut tree. 

Heather – A flowering evergreen plant. Perfect if you love the idea of a nature-inspired name. 

Holly – Named after the holly bush. 

Imogen – The name means maiden. A character in Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline. 

Jessica – Another name immortalised in a Shakespeare play, this time the Merchant of Venice. 

Lara – Meaning laurel leaf. 

Lucy – The name means light. 

Megan – A Welsh name meaning pearl. Can also be spelled Meghan, like the Duchess of Sussex. 

Mollie – A pet form of the name Mary, meaning bitter. Not the greatest meaning for a baby name, but Mollie is a gentle and cute name. 

Niamh – A super feminine and Irish name meaning bright and radiant. 

Olivia – Another name used in the works of Shakespeare, this time in Twelfth Night. It means olive tree. 

Orla – Irish name meaning golden princess. In Irish the name is Orlaith. 

Poppy – A girl’s name meaning red flower. Brilliant if you love floral names. 

Rosie – A lovely variation on the name Rose!

Ruby – A short but pretty girl’s name meaning deep red precious stone. 

Sophia – Meaning wisdom or skill. Can also be spelled as Sofia. 

Victoria – One of Britain’s most famous monarchs! The name means victory. 

British baby name inspirationBritish baby name inspiration
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British baby boy names

Ace – Meaning unity, but also a nickname for someone who excels. 

Adam – Meaning son of the red earth. 

Albert – Meaning noble and bright, Albert was Queen Victoria’s consort. 

Alfred – This name means wise. You could use Freddie as a nickname. 

Archer – An English name meaning bowman. Could be shortened to Archie. 

Archibald – An English name meaning true and bold. 

Arthur – King Arthur was a legendary sixth century ruler. The name means noble and courageous. 

Ash – An English name taken from the ash tree. 

Baxter – Meaning baker, this is a really sweet name for a little boy. 

Ben – Meaning blessed or “son of”. 

Blaine – A Scottish -Gaelic name with connections to the word yellow. 

Blake – English name meaning fair-haired as well as dark. 

Blakeley – Similar to Blake, meaning from the light meadow, from the dark meadow. 

Carlisle – An English name meaning from the walled city. 

Chadwick – Meaning protector or defender. 

Charles – Could also be used as Charlie. 

Cole – An English name meaning coal or charcoal. 

Darwin – Perfect if you love science and want to name your child after the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin. 

Edwin – This name means rich friend. 

Ellis – Meaning benevolent, the name has both Welsh and English origins. 

Elliott – An English name meaning The Lord is My God. 

Emmett – The name means universal and is a fab name for a little boy. 

Graeme – A Scottish baby name meaning farm home. 

Grayson – Meaning son of the grey-haired one. This is a great choice of you like the idea of a surname used as a first name. 

Harry – Meaning Army Ruler, this name remains very popular in the UK. 

Henry – Prince Harry’s given name was Henry. It means estate ruler. 

Hayden – A distinguished British surname meaning hedged valley. 

Heath – A gorgeous boy name meaning the heathland dweller. 

James – A variation of the Hebrew name Jacob. The name means supplanter. 

Joe – Meaning God will increase. It’s normally used as a nickname for Joseph but is also popular as a given name. 

Leo – A popular name in England, Wales and Scotland, Leo means lion. 

Liam – Based on the Irish name Uilliam. The name means helmet of will. 

Logan – A Scottish name meaning small hollow. 

Matthew – A popular British name meaning gift from God. 

Oscar – A gorgeous baby boy names meaning deer lover or God spear. 

Owen – This is a very traditional Welsh name meaning young warrior. 

Patrick – Meaning noble this is a beautiful baby boy name. 

Spencer – A lovely choice if you like the trend of surnames as first names. The name means dispenser of provisions or house steward. 

William – This name is not of English origin but has been extremely popular in the UK over the decades. 

80 British baby name ideas80 British baby name ideas