We all want to buy more Australian-made goods. No, I didn’t just make that up – the research shows that almost 90% of us prefer to buy Aussie when we can. But it can be a little tricky to work out where things come from – especially when you’re buying online and can’t check those little labels.

Thanks to our friends at The General Store, here are 7 ways you can show your national pride through your purchasing power!

1. Australian Made website

Australian Made

The Australian Made website lists brands and products that have registered for the famous green-and-gold “Australian Made” certification. You can use the site to search or browse for products that meet the criteria for the little green and gold triangle.

2. The General Store

The General Store

When it comes to groceries, The General Store has done the homework for you. Their website features icons to tell you just how Aussie every product is. They’ll let you know if it is Australian owned, Australian made, or both. They’ve got a great range of essentials for your Australia Day feast, and you can shop online and have everything delivered direct to your door. Now that’s some old-fashioned Aussie service!

3. Madeit


Madeit is an Australian online handmade marketplace. Here you’ll find thousands of industrious Aussies slaving over sewing machines and crafting in corners to create fashion, art, homewares, toys and more. You’ll be purchasing direct from the designers and craftspeople, so you’re supporting Australian creativity as well as getting something unique and one-of-a-kind.

4. Etsy


Etsy is the world’s best known site for handmade and independently produced items, and although it’s based in the US, you might not know this little trick: you can narrow your search down by location. Scroll down to the bottom and click “shop local” then input your location and product to search. Voila! A plethora of Aussie sellers at your fingertips (like Lullaby Mobiles, pictured above).

5. Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers Direct

The folks at Aussie Farmers Direct offer 100% Australian grown fruit and vegetables home delivered, plus a range of essentials like bread, cheese, meat and seafood. By buying local, you’re getting quality, fresh produce straight from the farm to you – as well as giving Australian farmers a fair go.

6. Markets

Finders Keepers Market

Markets are about more than just shopping. They are a fantastic way to discover new passions, connect with your community and understand the stories behind the things you buy. Look for something artsy at a Finders Keepers Market, shop local at a farmer’s market, or find your local market through the Markets Central directory.

7. Australian made fashion

Australian Made Fashion Brands

Clothing manufacturing in Australian is expensive and with more and more brands moving their production offshore, we need to give a big shout out to those who still make their threads here. We’ve put together this list of Australian-made fashion brands for kids and adults, to help you find locally produced duds that you can wear with pride.