Learning to ride a bike is one of the great rites of passage for any kid, and proud parents get to join in the action.

Once kiddo is keen to learn, get a bike in their size (not too big), strap on a helmet, head for a smooth area, and then practice, practice, practice how to balance, steer, brake and push those pedals.

For a little help along the way, here are 7 videos that teach kids how to ride a bike. They’re off and racing.

Tuition for toddlers

Around the age of two, a balance bike is a great way for tots to learn their bike-riding basics. This YouTube teaches them how to “push, push, glide” and sets them on the path to balancing success.

The next steps

Between the age of three and a half and four and a half, bambinos might want to move up to a bike with pedals. This YouTube is full of information about choosing the right bike size, selecting a riding surface and how parents can help tykes learn to ride.

Remove the pedals

Half-balance bike and half-normal bike, this video has a trick for learning to ride in record time: Remove the pedals, then put them back on one-by-one. Ahah!

Five steps to cycling

Learning to ride is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 4, 5 steps with this video. Take off those pedals, walk, glide, put on the pedals and learn to ride in one hour. Next stop, Tour de France!

Top tips

With fun tricks for kids (like ‘giant steps’ and ‘kangaroo hops’) and clever tips for parents (like stepping back to exaggerate how far kiddo has ridden), this tutorial is a winner. Eyes ahead and go, go, go!

Tiny teacher

Four-year-old Emma gives a safety gear tutorial and teaches everyone how to ride a bike, sans training wheels. Too cute.

A time trial

This child learns to ride in nine minutes flat. We’re impressed!

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