Potty training is a tough phase that all parents go through and it can make you feel like you’re tied to the house while your toddler is getting the hang of it. 

There’s no reason why you can’t keep going to the park, swimming pool and shops while potty training your child, you just need to plan ahead a little bit more. 

Here are my top tips for potty training while out and about: 

1. Get the right kit

My number one potty training product has to be the Potette travel potty. You can use it as a toddler toilet seat on adult loos or as a standalone potty with just a flick of the adjustable legs. 

You do have to buy bag refills for the Potette, as you chuck away the bags after one use. However I had 30 bags  when I purchased mine a year ago and still have some left, because I mainly used it on public toilet seats. 

You may also want to consider a super absorbent pad for your child’s car seat ands buggy just in case they have an accident while you’re travelling. 

2. Set an alarm on your phone

I forget to ask my child if she needed the toilet all of the time. As a result she had more accidents, not because of her, but because I hadn’t reminded her. 

Most potty training kids need frequent reminding about using the potty. Set an alarm on your phone for 45 minutes, or less if you think you might need it. 

3. Know your child’s anxiety triggers

My eldest is terrified of hand dryers. She used to get really upset whenever she heard them and as a result became nervous about going into public toilets. If your child doesn’t cope well with busy and noisy public restrooms then avoid situations where they will be forced to use one, at least while they are still learning.

Instead choose outdoor venues for trips out, so that you can hide behind a bush and let them use the potty discreetly. 

4. Remember spare clothes

During potty training try to bring at least three changes of clothes because in the early days accidents tend to happen multiple times. 

5. Arrange short trips

There is nothing stopping you enjoying long days out, however if your child is really struggling to take to potty training then you may want to just organise short trips that are closer to home for a few days. 

Take them to the park for an hour or two or pop out for a quick walk. You can get back to longer days out when you and your child have got the hang of this potty use thing. 

6. Speak to your child

Keep on asking them if they need to use the loo and remind them before you go out to tell you if they need the toilet. Always get them on the toilet before you go out, regardless of whether they say they don’t need to go! 

7. Keep using swim nappies

If your child hasn’t yet got the hang of the potty yet then there’s no point risking it when going swimming. You don’t want to have to get out early! Only stop using swim nappies when your child has gone a few weeks without any accidents.

I hope those tips were useful. Have you started potty training your toddler yet? How is it going?




7 tips for stress-free potty training when out and about with a toddler7 tips for stress-free potty training when out and about with a toddler