Ask any mum what she really, really wants, and the answer will be a holiday. Preferably sans children.

But you don’t have to dive into your overdraft or raid the children’s savings in order to get away from it all. 

Nope, there are mini-breaks everywhere you look, if you really squint. Why on earth do us mamas complain about how hard parenting is, when we have so many opportunities to switch off and relax right here at home. 

These are the best mini-breaks for mamas, and none of them break the bank! For those who were expecting as list of amazing spas, budget B&Bs and Insta-pretty hotels, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. 

1. The loo

Younger children may not accept this separation, but you can make your journey easier by putting on a dreadful cartoon to distract them.

Shut the door and marvel at the silence, your personal space and the fact that no one has told you “I’m still hungry” for the 10th time in one minute. 

Be warned, this is less of a mini-break and more of a split-second break, because someone will be banging on the door complaining that the telly has frozen.

2. The petrol station shop

Not only do you get to leave the house, but you get to listen to music in the car. It’s like having an actual night out without being surrounded by sweaty, pushy bodies. 

Plus you can really use this time wisely by buying a pack of Buttons and seeing how quickly you can scoff them in the car, because taking them back into the house is not an option.

3. The kitchen

The power of the words “I am making dinner” cannot be underestimated. It gives you a reason to close the door so that nobody can interrupt you. 

If you cook a one-pot meal it gives you one hand free to drink wine while you stir with the other. 

4. Hanging up the washing

Escape to the garden, or the corner of your spare room which was the only place you had space for the huge washing airer that takes up more space than a dryer but takes 50 times longer to dry your clothes. 

5. The supermarket 

This is one of the best value for money breaks you can embark on, because it can be stretched out to a full two hours if you claim you had to travel to more than one shop because everyone was out of bananas. 

6. The hairdressers

Although the bill at the end stings, you can actually read a magazine or book during this trip and people bring your drinks. 

The only downside is it’s less like going to a spa and more like undergoing general maintenance. 

7. That 30-minute lie-in

Convince your other half to get up with the kids and enjoy the blissful 30-minute lie-in before you need to be out of bed by 7.15am. 

I hope this list has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities that lie within your home. Remember that it’s a mum’s lot in life to be on the go ALL the sodding time. So we have to find a way to escape wherever we can!